Blocs 3.3 Beta Build 5

Hey everyone,

Here is the next beta build of Blocs 3.3 (build 5).


Download Blocs 3.3 Beta Build 5.


I like this idea of the focus on fixing stuff in 3.3. I’ve not had any major problems with these betas.


Fixed issue that caused sidebar options to be cropped when a lot of options are present.

Oh man, I’m getting emotional over here. :joy:

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Added support for display swap for Google fonts for better SEO.

“better SEO” is an end result, but what does “display swap” do, exactly?

Thank you for the email obfuscation fix in this build, @Norm. I just confirmed it now works well. I can paste in the following code and it displays my email address in plain text, yet the underlying code is properly obfuscated, and clicking the email address properly opens a new email. Great!

Please also check your websites for errors. Not sure if it’s Beta related. I am totally perplexed by problems in IE11, but those problems let me to discover errors appearing in all other browsers too, including Safari, as I mentioned in the following post:

There’s yet another problem beside that script error which I didn’t mention in the open forum post above. I rebuilt my site using Build 5 and now I also see these errors too in Safari:

Which pertain to the following line of code Blocs is inserting in my my page HTML:

<link href=',latin-ext' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'>

Why is Blocs making “Helvetica” a web font since it’s already on pretty much every computer and mobile device out there?

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Thanks for the heads up on the google fonts.

Display=swap prevents the page waiting to load the font to display the site. It’s recommended by google insights. It’s also the default for Google fonts now.


@Norm does this next change relate just to google fonts or web fonts in general? I keep getting a similar recommendation from google when using font awesome.


So you can confirm the Helvetica error I mentioned in my previous post is indeed a bug?

Just google fonts for now.

Yeah it’s a bug!

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Export is still unpredictable with 3.3. Sometimes it offers to replace, other times not. This was OK under 3.2.3.


Never seen this before, but content is crisp in edit mode and crisp when viewed in the browser, but not when previewed in Blocs. Both text and images are slightly blurry. Checked the same pages in Solis where they are fine.

Edit: This blur then disappeared after restarting Blocs.

If it happens again try slightly resizing the window, it will cause the view to redraw.

Yes it has happened again after flicking between edit and preview a couple times. The redraw works in LG but the option isn’t there at narrower breakpoints, so they remain blurry.

This is very strange. Now sharp at XS and SM, but blurred at MD and LG.

Do you have a retina display?

It’s a 2K display.

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I can confirm this too.

I just submitted a bug report ticket to Norm about this, but I thought it best to mention the font bug here too. Check your font positioning, kerning and line-height between Build 5 and Build 4. You can see the difference in my animated GIF below:

As much as I try I cant replicate this issue.

Any chance you could try and log down some steps, including export name, location, after how many exports it occurs? Send the data to me directly via a DM.

It’s pretty straightforward. When exporting a project, navigate to a main export folder where all projects are stored, including an old version of the same project. At this point sometimes it asks if you want to replace all items or only the changed one. At other times just wipes over the old version without warning. It worked well enough in 3.2.3, but not in betas of 3.3.

Yeah I don’t get that here on High Sierra. I’ll do a little more digging!