Blocs 3.3 Beta Build 6


OK I’ll test that out.

Blocs 3 no longer supports El Cap, it will load but we cant guarantee the stability. Unfortunately adding support for newer version of MacOS causes issues for older.

I’ll try to replicate and patch.


I think the remove class alert explains that its not a bug. Are you not seeing this alert when you delete a class from the project?


Try just moving the cursor out of the Blocs window and back in again. I’ve been tracking this one for a while but its very hard to replicate.


LOL. Sorry. Until now I only took time to read the first sentence. I see the answer is in the last sentence.

Oh well. I still have my own way to undo:

  1. Close without saving.
  2. Reopen document!



I’ve not had success with that, but switching to another app and then back to Blocs seems to work. Odd.


Yeah its caused by expose or moving between workspaces / apps.


That would be very nice of you @Norm to find a work around for all those who can’t upgrade to a newer version. As far as you know which version or beta worked with older OS X versions?

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