Blocs 3.4.1 Beta Build 1

Hey everyone,

Here is Blocs V3.4.1 beta build 1. It addresses a few initial issues and adds support to lock canvas so it does not horizontally scroll (right click > interface > Lock Scroll).

Download Blocs 3.4.1 Beta Build 1


It still seems to scroll horizontally for me in edit mode when locked. This is with a third party mouse.

It works for me with an apple mouse…

It doesn’t work for me with a Magic mouse either. It also bounces around in preview.

I might add I am on Catalina…

OK I’m still on Mojave.

Scroll lock works for me on Mojave 10.14.6 with an attached external Apple trackpad. Interesting that once you set lock in one project, it stays in lock mode if I open another project. That’s fine with me. :slight_smile:

It’s an app pref, not a project one.

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This is with the Tecknet mouse

Here with the vastly over priced and inferior Mac mouse

If it’s an app pref, would it also be good to show current lock state as a Blocs General pref item?

yes possibly.

Hi Norm,
With beta 1 now my projects open. No crashing anymore however preview in browser functionality is not working. It opens browser with the address http://localhost:8080/index.(null).
Could you please check.

@Norm Lock Scroll . Works fine.:+1:
Thank you.

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Try restarting Blocs.

Thanks. Works fine now.

I found out that after restarting Blocs preview starts to work but when I select another page in the project it stops working until restarting the program.


Are your pages all html or do some have php?

All my pages only in html.

Is there any chance we could break away from the fixed animation delays in the side panel and set our own? It would open up so many creative options.

Yeah I have some plans for that but not until v4.

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