Blocs 3.4.1 just crashed on save!

In the last 3 weeks, I experience the same behavior on Blocs 3.4.1. It crashes on saves every 3 times when you hit save. I worked for 30 min on a page with lots of content, hit save and it crashes again. It’s ok when you have changed something small on your project but after 30 min and before deploying its frustrating.

So far I know 3.1 had the same things. It crashes on saves. And since Feb there is autosave in making :smiley: @norm :smiley:

That sucks man, sorry to hear you lost some work! :flushed:

Is the project big?

Nope just one page but use cases page :smiley: with lot of use cases haha.
Trying beta 2 will see how it works. I think there is maybe an issue with longer or bigger projects with lot of pages causing problems.

I think when you have a lot of assets and pages maybe impact on blocs performance. But this is just my assumption.