Blocs 3.4.1 just crashed on save!

In the last 3 weeks, I experience the same behavior on Blocs 3.4.1. It crashes on saves every 3 times when you hit save. I worked for 30 min on a page with lots of content, hit save and it crashes again. It’s ok when you have changed something small on your project but after 30 min and before deploying its frustrating.

So far I know 3.1 had the same things. It crashes on saves. And since Feb there is autosave in making :smiley: @norm :smiley:

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That sucks man, sorry to hear you lost some work! :flushed:

Is the project big?

Nope just one page but use cases page :smiley: with lot of use cases haha.
Trying beta 2 will see how it works. I think there is maybe an issue with longer or bigger projects with lot of pages causing problems.

I think when you have a lot of assets and pages maybe impact on blocs performance. But this is just my assumption.

@norm. This has stopped with the last version. With the new version i have still crashes on every save. This must be related with bigger projects. Over 50 pages.

It’s really annoying to edit page every time after crash.

What exits are you making?

Same here. Just purchased 3.42. Crashes on save and losing work! Very frustrated. Alert freezes on ‘Blocs is working, this may take a few moments.’
MacOS Mojave: 10.14.6

I’ve seen that a couple times in the past but not for a very long time and I am running the same OS with 3.4.2. I wonder if there is something particular about your setup or the project you are working on. You should send in a bug report, plus the crash information if possible to help fix this

Sorry for the initial bad experience :disappointed:

Are you saving to an iCloud synced drive?

It sounds like you are experiencing an issue I’m still investigating but it’s so random and appears to resolve itself by a system restart it hard to track down. It doesn’t effect many users which makes it ever trickier to track.

A few things to try.

Restart Mac.

If that fails and you still get the issue, try saving to a none iCloud synced location.

If that fails, let me know and I’ll try to inspect the issue in more detail via our support desk.

I have been suffering from repetitive daily crashes for some time now. As a result of this, I hit CMD+S and save after every single edit I do.

Some days I can work for some hours and it won’t crash. Some days I can work for 2-3 minutes, hit CMD+S and Blocs crashes. Some days it crashes after saving 10 times successfully, and on the 11th time it crashes.

I have had this problem with the last 2-3 updates of Blocs so it seems to have nothing to do with the version. For example: I was having crashes a few days ago so I installed version 3.4.4, and I’m still having crashes.

Yesterday I worked for about 45 minutes, forgetting to constantly save as I usually do. So after 45 minutes of work, I hit CMD+S to save and Blocs crashed.

As far as I can tell, this problem is also not related to my iMac, because I have Blocs installed on another iMac in another office in another part of town. Completely different environment.

The only common denominator between the 2 systems is that I use local fonts instead of Google fonts.

Most of the crashes seem to occur when I save after editing CSS in the style editor.

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Same with my Blocs. I always have the feeling (without proof) that Blocs has got some problems with the RAM clearance. It’s like a data accumulation and at a certain point it cannot cope anymore with the amount of data it has to use and it crashes.
However, my MacBook Pro is very old (Mid 2010), although other demanding software like Affinity Photo, large Keynote Projects etc. do work fine.
I too only use local fonts.

How much ram do you have installed? I have to say Blocs runs with pretty remarkable stability for me. This is a 2010 Mac Pro tower with 32 gigs of ram.

Runs stable for me too for the most part. I do have 32GB ram these days, but at the end of last year I was using a MacBook Pro 13". 2013 with 8gb ram with no ram issues.

hahaha and I happy with 4 ram hahaha xD … but SSD disk

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Lol. It dawned on me with a 2010 that you probably have 4gb.

Well mine is mid 2012, I think it can only be increased to 8 I’m not sure … but big change of the SSD disk je

Ops sorry @StFoldex said 2010.

Yeah my first MacBook Pro was a 2007 with 4gb ram and a very slow 500gb HD. What a jump it was when I got my 2013 with an SSD.

Hi, its 8 GB 1067 MHz DDR3

I don’t think Blocs is particularly heavy on resource demands. My old iMac running El Capitan is no longer supported and effectively abandoned in a cupboard but that was from 2007 with 4 gigs of ram and it was able to run early versions of Blocs 3 without undue difficulty.

My its a MacBook Pro 15 touch, 16 GB ram.
I have this crash almost every time, like 95%…

Every time a open a blocs file, I save it with another name (like name 1.1… name 1.2. and so on). Sometimes it works, but sometimes this new file opens again with ZERO data. Its scary…

In my workflow I have Time Machine running and also an automatic back up
with Backblaze. This, saved me twice of losing all the work.

Well, I really don’t know what it is. What I do know is that of all the software I am currently working with, Blocs is sluggish and often the longer I work in a project, the more are the chances for a crash. To avoid this I often do a 'Save As …" with a different file name and I learned to wait really quite a while when opening the project until all is loaded and I can work.

Of course in a new project I have a quick response from Blocs. That’s why when someone does test a problem it works then without any flaws. But in reality people are working with websites in construction that have already quite some data in it. I think there is a behavioural difference between a small file with few code, images and a large file. And maybe this might not be because of resource demand but maybe calculation demand of certain actions.

I am aware that my MBP is quite old and I can’t do video editing anymore but it is strange that any software else I am using is instant and flows plus even image editing in Affinity Photo and even Photoshop works fine.