Blocs 3.4.1 just crashed on save!

Yes, definitely, users do have crashes even with a lot of RAM, and 16 GB is.

Here’s my system …

Screenshot 2020-03-02 um 23.05.25

You should be absolutely fine I would have thought. That should be more than enough to run Blocs, but it doesn’t explain the crashes.

Folks the next beta includes a change to how page snapshots are taken, I think this may be the cause of these phantom/random save crashes.

It’ll be available to try in an hour.



uhmm… blocs 4.5.3.
nov 10 2022…

when I adjust text my system crashes.
I’ve moved about some blocs to other pages …no problem… saved… and continued with altering text… and now it keeps crashing.
reopen… one typo… crash… and again and again…

Hello @Anita. Thanks to share the crash report with the developer here.

just got myself a totally fresh one :wink:

drag and drop doenst work… export it to ??

@Jerry Jerry… the extension is ips and cant be dropped