Blocs 3.4.2 Beta Build 1

Hey everyone,

Here is Blocs V3.4.2 beta build 1. This release fixes a bunch of outstanding issues some new and some old.

Have fun…


Download Blocs 3.4.2 Beta Build 1


I’ll give this a try his evening.

Earlier on I uploaded a sitemap to Google webmaster tools and it surprisingly cited two errors being linked to video inclusion within the sitemap. <title> or <video:description> in the sitemap for a video.

Google has written an article on this and I wondered how we can fulfil these criteria? As I see it, we have no means of adding a title or description to a video, as we might do with a still image using alt tags.

Hi @Norm

The Bric Card does not support placing a
background image.
If I delete the image of another class that if it has the background image of an earlier version, then I cannot put the image again.

This morning they also had this error in version 3.4.1-beta-build-1

Any solution??



El Bric Card no admite colocar una
imagen de background.
Si elimino la imagen de otra clase que si tiene la imagen background de una versión anterior, después no puedo poner la imagen otra vez

Esta mañana este error también lo tenían en la versión 3.4.1.-beta-build-1

Alguna solución??


Yeah drag the image to the image well in the class editor.

When using the option to drag the wizard image to the class editor, if it works.
Clicking does not work.

Will this be the case from now on or will the option of clicking on the image?

With your solution I can continue working.

Thanks @Norm


Al utilizar la opción de arrastrar la imagen del asistente al editor de clase, si funciona.
Al hacer click, no funciona.

Esto será así a partir de ahora o también estará la opción de hacer click en la imagen??

Con su solución puedo continuar trabajando .

Gracias @Norm

Clicking will not work as the class editor can be left open, so it’s drag only.

It could get confusing if you are trying to set an image bric but the asset is being set in class editor just because it’s open.


I thought it could be used both ways.

I was wrong.

Thanks for your help.

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Thanks Norm, I see preview in browser after selecting another page still does not work in this version. Hope you can fix it in final release :grinning:

Do you have mixed pages html and php?