Blocs 3.4.2 Beta Build 2

Hey everyone,

Here is Blocs V3.4.2 beta build 2. This build focuses entirely on bug fixes. One notable fix is the one relating to in app updates for custom Brics. Please be aware custom Brics may need to be reinstalled in order for the update mechanism to function correctly (sorry).

Have a great weekend folks!


Download Blocs 3.4.2 Beta Build 2


Is there any way of knowing which custom brics might need to be reinstalled to work with the automated updates? It might be useful if affected developers make this known here on the forum.

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It’s all of them except for Norm’s. EDIT* I think even Norm’s may require this because part of the issue is in the way that blocs registers the update link.

Yes each developer will need to notify their customers, I’ve written about it in my note to customers last week.


If we have current version brics installed, shouldn’t this fix just work with the latest beta? I have quite a few more custom brics than I realised.

No, I’m afraid not. the way it’s been explained to me, the very process of installing the bric is what will fix things. Without reinstalling, Blocs has no way of knowing the location of update file.

No, the issue is not the bric, it was the Extension Manager, when Brics are installed the install data base doesn’t contain the URL link.

I think all Brics are effected, including mine. They obviously still work they just don’t pick up when a new version is available.


Ouch that will be quite a bit of work. I think I have 30+ custom brics here. We are due to have winds of up to 80mph this evening with heavy rain, so I guess I’ll be updating brics, but it will be so good to have that sorted.

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Coming back to issue of web browser preview not working after selecting another page in the project and replying to your question. I have only html pages. No php in the project.

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I have just reinstalled all my brics with this beta and the update feature does appear to be working. At the end it showed there were two brics that needed updating and both were from Norm. The updates went smoothly.

Curiously I had no pop up notification showing a successful install for Swiper @Lucas. Swiper is not showing in the bric developer, however searching for the bric on the canvas showed it had been installed 3 times from my various attempts.

I removed all versions manually from the application support folder and restarted blocs, then attempted a reinstall. When I type sw to search for the bric it automatically jumps to sww and shows nothing available. Back typing to reveal sw brings up the bric, but then it cannot be accessed.

Looking at my bric extension it was created in July 2019, so I am pretty sure this was the most recent version and it was fine before this. I actually need Swiper for a project I am working on, so it would be good to resolve this. No problems with the Card bric if that gives you a clue.

@Bill I have exactly the same problem with your brics. For example, if I type in ph to search for the phone bric it automatically jumps to show phh. Back typing to ph will show your phone bric, but then I have exactly the same problem as with Swiper from Lucas. Again nothing is showing in the bric developer panel.

I am curious to know what is causing problems with these brics that is not found elsewhere. I haven’t yet been through every bric one by one, however these have obvious problems.

Just as a follow up, I went back to check this in 3.4.1 and the problem persists. It was not an issue before attempting to reinstall the brics under this beta.

Hi @Norm. I’ve been getting this weird formatting issue on both version 3.4.1 and 3.4.2 Beta.


Is there any way of fixing this?

I don’t think Blocs has ever supported markup like that in the form action field.

I’ll see if I can add support.

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Hey @Flashman I could not reproduce an issue here regarding the installation of Swiper: using this beta version I’ve uninstalled and re-installed the bric without issues.

@Lucas It simply doesn’t work here. It is not present in the bric developer or extension manager, despite multiple attempts. It is visible though in application support. When I try to add the bric this is what happens:

The same thing happens if I try to add it from the side panel. I had exactly the same issue with Bill’s brics but everybody else’s are fine. Your own card bric is fine.

EDIT: I’ve just tried downloading Swiper again in case there was something wrong with the one I had here. If I double click the installer while Blocs is closed it causes Blocs to crash. If I try that with Blocs already open and restart, Swiper then appears twice in the bric area, but neither works. This has happened with previous attempts as well, even after manually removing swiper before via application support.

@Norm I’ve just discovered that typing in the search window of the extension manager while it is checking for updates causes this beta to crash. The same thing happens if I scroll through the extensions during the update check.

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@Lucas @Norm I have now managed to install Swiper and I can add it normally as a bric in this beta, but I was only able to do this by going back and installing through Blocs 3.3. What I don’t know at this stage is whether that will now update normally like the other brics.

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I’ll get that fixed for build 3.

Edit: Thats fixed and ready for build 3.


It would be good if we could deactivate or control the Scroll To Top arrow position. It’s generally fine, but when using other services like Tawk it can clash and they both end up in the same place.


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When starting this beta a pop up sometimes appears saying there are bric updates with an option to click OK. The the extension manager then pops up says it is checking and nothing much happens.


You can adjust the position of the scroll to top icon using the .scrollToTop class. It defaults…

.scrollToTop {
 bottom: 20px;
 right: 20px

Although I would assume if you were using a service like Tawk you would want that icon to stack vertically above the Scroll to top icon.