Blocs 3.4.2 Beta Build 3

Hey everyone,

Here is Blocs V3.4.2 beta build 3. This build is mainly focused on bug fixes.

Have Fun.

Download Blocs 3.4.2 Beta Build 3


Those are my favourite kind. Stability is the best feature of all.


I think I’m going to give this beta a run tonight :grin:

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Blocs is still randomly exporting pages that should be excluded from export.

Are you exporting over locations that have these pages included from previous exports?

If it happens again, export to a fresh location and see if you get the pages included.

I am deleting the destination folder first, because of the ongoing issues with the replace all option that has been present since this was first introduced. One time it exports this excluded page and another time not. Exports have been unreliable for a long time now and it would be really good to fix this. It was much more reliable the old way.

Yeah, I’ll spend some time on that soon. I think its related to clean URL’s.

Regarding the old way, that still exists, you just now have an extra option. Export replace all (old way), export replace only changed files.

Now if you make changes to the export, add extras files, move files etc it has potential to prevent this working correctly.

No the old way doesn’t exist reliably because it is only randomly available. Sometimes it wipes over completely without giving the option to choose replace all. This is why I manually delete the destination folder first to make sure it exports everything required without glitches.

So you sometimes do not get the export “replace all” modal at all?

Yes that is right. I think @JDW has had the same experience. This has been a problem from the day this feature was introduced.

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Correct. :slight_smile:

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