Blocs 3.4.2 Final big issue

Just got the latest release, and with my great surprise, it was unable to select/recognise, any of my browsers…
then ofc impossible to make any preview since it doesn’t even know what to use to do it…

just to get some kind of real proof it wasn’t my browser fault ( since i definitely trashed Chrome) i fired up my old 2.6.5 copy, and yet all was there. It coulld choose between Safari or Vivaldi.
then i also got back v3.4.1 and it also recognised both browsers…

Something has been messd up with latest release i guess… hope it will be fixed soon… ?

I personally haven’t had this issue with the beta or release. Have you tried reinstalling?

Nothing was touched with preview in browser, I wonder if something else is at play here.

Preview in browser is actually one of the basic checks I do after I compile a release and it’s never hung for me for years.

I’d probably need to delve in deeper to see what’s up (which is probably best done via support ticket), it may be that Blocs has been quarantined by gatekeeper. Check to make sure Blocs is not being limited in anyway by your system.

It’s working fine for me here. Something I would like to see is an option to choose other browsers. I have Brave installed, rather than Chrome and it cannot be selected despite also being chromium based.


Hi guys
thanks for your feedback, here still same issue and only with 3.4.2

i’m still on 10.13.6, just to be sure its not system related…
then… why would it be?


Some magic occurred… restarted machine reinstalled Application
and now all is back to Normal…

@Norm, sorry for this false alert!


No worries, it’s amazing what a restart can do to a computer :+1:


Haha. I did think “turn it off and back on” but ended up just with the token reinstall.

Great you got it sorted :grin: