Blocs 3.4.3 Beta Build 3

Hey everyone,

Here is Blocs V3.4.3 beta build 3, this build focuses on stability with a few little tweaks here and there.

The save function has had some work in this release to make it more robust, so please use backups at this early beta stage. It’s been pretty solid with in house testing but it’s a beta so be prepared.

Hype Support
I’ve made some improvements that make working with Hype animations a lot more streamlined. I’ve prepared some documentation for those interested in using Hype and Blocs together.

Please note the Hype realtime timeline previewing requires Hype 4.0.3 which is now available.

Anyway, Have Fun.

Download Blocs 3.4.3 Beta Build 3


I’ve been a bit wary of using this beta due to the the save function changes, since I am working on three projects that need to finished by Christmas. How safe is it at this stage?

Well no reports of lost data (Aside from original reports that are from 3.4.2 hence the work on save), but it’s still early.

I would just suggest saving regularly and keep backups.

@Norm, I just updated my bug report ticket about the Column Width bug only partially being fixed. @Flashman, you may want to test some of your own documents on pages where you have 3 side-by-side columns, changing their width to Infinity and then try changing each of them to something less than 12. In some cases you’ll find the width is locked at 12 (meaning, you can’t change the width)


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@Norm , Hype and blocks work well together.
Thank you :slight_smile:

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I’ve just played with a few and not had any problems. You cannot go from infinity to 11 in one step by pressing the left arrow in the appearance area, but that has always been the case. You can do this by dragging the columns on the canvass though. Where it shows infinity you have to press the right arrow, which takes you to 1,2,3 etc with each click.

*An idea for Norm. How about a long press on the side panel arrows to make the width change in steps without having to press repeatedly.

@JDW Any chance you could show us a video of the problem you are seeing? Perhaps even upload something that has this issue?

Here’s a single page test document:

Open that document in Blocs 3.4.3 build 3 and click “MD” (“LG” doesn’t show the problem), then scroll down to the NEWS section where you can see 3 columns side-by-side. The leftmost column has a photo of a little black pouch in it. Select each of those columns, starting with the leftmost and set it first to Infinity and then click the left arrow in the right sidebar to drop down the width. The first 2 columns work fine, but the rightmost column stays locked at 12.

Yes, I can see the problem here as well, but not something I have ever encountered with my own projects. You appear to have an awful lot going on with this page and I suspect something is interfering. Perhaps @Norm can work out what is going on here.

A couple oddities here with your example that were revealed when I tried opening it afterwards in 3.4.2. The first time I tried this the width showed up as 3,969. I saw something similar one time during early beta testing of Blocs 3 before the first release, but never since until today.

I tried again and the width of that column shows as 13, so clearly there is something very odd going on here.

Thanks for confirming the issue. I’ve not seen that Width craziness in Build 3 yet, but I do get nutty numbers like that in earlier builds all the time.

I will wait to hear more from Norm.

I can’t replicate that issue at all @JDW, I followed your instructions… What I can not do is preview. That project refuses to preview for me??

Possibly your project file has an issue, as @Flashman mentioned, @Norm may have to look at it.

I don’t get the “rounded” class you have applied to the columns that has a left margin of 70??

Thank you for testing.

Well, that is a cut down document from a larger document. I had to manually delete all the pages one by one, yet it retains all the graphics. I asked Norm to consider making that easier so we can just export a single page from our site with only graphics for that page, rather than go through all the manual labor ourselves. It could be that things go wrong when we try to cut down our documents to a single page. Even so, Flashman can reproduce the problem, and Norm could reproduce the first bug I reported which had to do with crazy Column Widths above 12. Why you aren’t seeing it is unknown, but I am still using High Sierra. If you are on a newer MacOS version, that could explain your seeing differences.

Oh right, yeah I am on Catalina (10.15.2). That could be it. I am pretty sure @Flashman is on High Sierra.


Looks like I can’t be much more help sorry. Interesting I can’t preview, but then it is a beta version.

No I’m on Mojave after upgrading the video card a while back. This Mac Pro cannot install Catalina without using a patched install and from what I have read it’s not a great solution overall. I am quite happy to stay with Mojave for a while, since it still leaves me with access to the 32-bit apps. I was able to preview that project without problems.

Oh yeah, my mistake. I forgot about Mojave lol.

Thats interesting. It must be a Catalina thing then.

I ended replacing my 2013 MacBook Pro 13" for the new 16". I’m very glad I waited, the keyboard is great lol.

I’ve not “upgraded” to Mojave or Catalina so as to enjoy freedom to use pretty much any software app I like. I’ve tested Mojave on an external SSD and it’s not too bad, but Catalina puts the gun to the head of all my 32-bit apps, which are many.

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Any hope of seeing a Font Awesome update in one of the new builds? :slight_smile:


Yes but not in this round.

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Not a problem.
3.4.4 will be fine. :slight_smile:

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Hi Norm
I am currently on Blocs 2 Personal.
Were do I go to get the link for discount upgrade?

Peter G

@PeterG Go to preferences and click on the licence. There should be an upgrade button there.