Blocs 3.4.3 Beta Build 4

Hey everyone,

Here is Blocs V3.4.3 beta build 4, this build is again all about stability :sunglasses:

The save function has had some work in this release to make it more robust, it’s been tested a lot over the last few weeks and we have had no reports of data loss.

Hype Support
I’ve made some improvements that make working with Hype animations a lot more streamlined. I’ve prepared some documentation for those interested in using Hype and Blocs together.

Please note the Hype realtime timeline previewing requires Hype 4.0.3 which is now available.

Im hoping to get this release out to the public at some point next week, so please try to give it a good kick around.

Download Blocs 3.4.3 Beta Build 4


Sorry I’m not sure what you are talking about?? Are you talking about the scroll to layer issue you mentioned in a DM to me?

the “refresh Asset” option is no longer found?

Now I will have to delete the files for and append them again? not updated only :frowning:

Refresh option is only available when it’s not an embedded asset.

If it is embedded just re-add the asset and choose replace.

Or to use the linked asset workflow, switch the project to Not embed assets in project via projects Settings.

Ho fantastic, there is a way to make it the default option for all projects “workflow of linked assets, do not embed assets in the project”.!

thanks for the reply

Not at the min, but I’ll add one :+1:


Wonderful, thanks for the reply! That will help my workflow! Thanks again

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Can you allow me to press and hold the Option key in order to bypass the confirmation dialog when I click the Trash can (delete) icon in the left sidebar to delete a page?

Even better, please let me hold Shift down so I can select multiple pages and delete them all at once.

The reason I seek an improvement here is because whenever I need to make a single-page cut-down document to report bugs or show people something in the forum, I must waste a lot of time clicking the trash can icon in the left sidebar, confirming the delete in that confirmation dialog (which takes 2 full seconds to appear), then repeat for every single page in the site, except for the page I want to keep. There really needs to be a faster way to do this, hence my feature request.



Folks, either the documentation is wrong or I am seeing a bug. This happens in any version of Blocs, not just the beta. I did not report this privately as a bug to Norm because I want some of you to test and confirm it happens for you too.

On the topic of Column Widths, please read the “Inherited size” paragraph in the documentation here. It says you can set 2 side-by-side columns to be Inherited size (by clicking the infinity icon in the right sidebar) and both columns will then be 50% width. But the problem is I can only do that on the leftmost column. When I try it on the right side column, it gets thrown down below the first column.

Below is a document created in b4 that shows this problem. There are only 2 columns, each set to a width of 6. Select the left column and click Infinity in the right sidebar. No change to its position or width, which is correct. But now do the same for the right column and note it gets thrown down! It shouldn’t. It should stay right where it is, with the same width too. Something’s wrong here. (86.6 KB)

Hey @JDW,

I do not get that behaviour at all, using either a new project or the one you posted. It works fine for me.


Thanks for testing. Getting this problem to show in a cut-down document is difficult. But here’s a video showing another variant of the same problem: (3.9 MB)

In that video I show a freshly created set of 3 side-by-side columns that are empty and work as expected when clicking the Infinity icon in the right sidebar. But when I then try clicking that icon on the 3 existing columns above (each with content inside), nothing happens.

And at other times, the leftmost column will work, but clicking the infinity icon on columns to the right will suddenly make them so wide they drop to the bottom. There seems to be a bug at work here.

I see what you mean.

I just tried again with a bunch of content. Even duplicating columns etc, it still works. Possibly an issue with the Project file? @Norm will have to pitch in I think.

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Try this new cut-down document, please. You will need to scroll down the page to see the 3 columns, but you will find them. Feel free to strip off the Classes on the Columns and the parent Row. Same problem even if you do that. I confirmed the problem just now in 3.4.2 and 3.4.3b4. Keep in mind I am still using High Sierra. (224.5 KB)

I’ve seen this happen a couple times lately with these betas when duplicating a bloc and it basically goes away after switching to preview and back to edit mode. The whole structure of the page changes as shown in this video and it’s little unnerving. You can see how a large area has opened up beneath the global footer that shouldn’t be there.

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Thats odd, I’ll see if I can find the cause.

That’s very random and difficult to pin down but in this case it happened after duplicating a feature bloc and moving it down a couple places.

Some odd things going on with this beta. Solo mode seems to have a mind of it’s own and as you can see from the screenshot there are two areas highlighted in blue at top and bottom, despite not being selected. I wonder if that is related to the previous problem.

The blue edge is to show that it is a Bloc that resides in the global area.

It’s a feature :sunglasses:

Just updated the docs as its not mentioned in the layer tree documentation.

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I’ve added this option in 3.4.3 beta 5.




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