Blocs 3.4.5 beta Build 1

Hey everyone,

I decided to push 3.4.4 live and jump onto the next patch release as it includes a few changes that may cause problems with the layer tree and previewing, so I think these changes require a fresh release.

Anyway, here is Blocs 3.4.5 Beta Build 1. It’s still all about stability!

Download Blocs 3.4.5 Beta Build 1


Thanks, Norm!


Thank you @Norm! Stability and bug fixing is always welcome.

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Norm, I mentioned the following in my latest bug report about the Favicon, but I am quite curious how others think about “Page Name” for the Top/Home page, so I decided to repost that part here…

The only reason I don’t use “index” as the “Page Name” on all my Blocs websites is because Blocs won’t let me. I’ve always thought that to be very odd. Could you please explain the current behavior in Blocs? I don’t understand it.

You see, I thought the “Page Name” in Blocs is the “filename” that Blocs generates for that page. If true, why then can’t I write “index” for the Page Name of the first page in my Blocs website? Actually, shouldn’t “index” be automatically inserted into the Page Name of the first page in the website by default? It’s confusing to me that we can write another name as the Page Name for the first/top page in the website, only to have it export “index.html”. I want it to be index.html, of course, and the good news is that filename does indeed export as “index.html” regardless of the “Page Name” for the top page. I just don’t understand why “index” doesn’t appear as the Page Name, seeing that the Page Name is supposed to generate the HTML filename.


index.html is a filename. It’s not a page name. Page name has nothing to do with the filename. In fact index.html as your default file is a server configuration. Just happens to default to index on common hosting environments.

Page Names become the “Title” of the page in SEO terminology. These are what populate the tabs in your browser. Most pros don’t name the pages the same as you would the sitemap. You wouldn’t name the homepage “home” you name it after your company name and maybe what you do if it’s brief.

It’s common to see format’s like this: ex. Blochead - Custom Brics for Blocs app | Home


Not according to Norm…

And not according to my experience with Blocs, either. Consider…

The page in Blocs associated with the above Page Settings is NOT the top/home page in my site. And so, when I type “dealers” into that “Page Name” field and then Export, I see “dealers.html” among the exported files. That’s the way Blocs has always worked, and that’s not what I am complaining about.

What I am complaining about is the fact that behavior is inconsistent insofar as it doesn’t work for the TOP/HOME page of the site. That top/home page will generate “index.html” regardless of what you type in the Page Name field. That is inconsistent. That is what I am talking about.

I suggest that the “Page Name” field be grayed out with “index.html” written inside for the TOP/HOME page of the site. That way we cannot type anything into that field, which is smart. If you ARE allowed to type something in that field for the TOP/HOME page, then you will think what you type in that field should be honored, but in fact it will not! Hence, for the sake of consistency and clarity, that field should be grayed out with the name of the file it generates inside (index.html) for the TOP/HOME page of the website. If many of you disagree with that change, then I suggest the field be made to honor whatever we type, which means if I type “mrpoopypants” inside the “Page Name” field for the TOP/HOME page of my site, I would then fully expect Blocs to export “mrpoopypants.html” for that TOP/HOME page. Either change is fine by me, so long as the current confusing behavior is fixed.

It’s actually smart and the way it should work. Your main page should always be index. It’s helpful and actually common to call it Home. Lots of apps work this way. If it didn’t could you image the amount of people who complain because they chose a dumb name for their main page and it won’t load automatically.
The simplicity of how blocs takes the page name and uses it for the file name keeps things simple for users.

Folks, are you really understanding me?

It is NOT “simple for users”!!

I just finished explaining why, but I guess I need to repeat myself, so here it goes…

  1. Create a 3 page website in Blocs.
  2. The first page is your “Home Page.” You can know that by opening Project Settings.
  3. Open Page Settings.
  4. Type “MrPoopyPants” in the “Page Name” field, then copy/paste that into the “SEO Title” field.
  5. CMD-E to Quick Export.
  6. Note you have “index.html” in the generated files. GREAT! NO PROBLEM! I TOO LIKE THAT!
  7. Return to Blocs and create another page. That new page will NOT be your Home Page.
  8. Open Page Settings for your new page.
  9. Type “MrPoopyPants2” in the “Page Name” field, then copy/paste that into the “SEO Title” field.
  10. CMD-E to Quick Export.
  11. Note you have “index.html” & “MrPoopyPants2.html” in the generated files.

“So what’s the problem?” you ask? Well, nobody should be asking that question because I’ve already explained the problem, but since nobody is understanding me, here it is again.

You have just seen the problem from performing the above 11 steps. The fact that index.html is auto-generated is NOT a problem. I’ve said that REPEATEDLY!!! The problems is UI consistency. Folks, I shall say it again so you all can understand me: UI CONSISTENCY.

What does that mean? I’ve already explained that, but here it is again…

If I type “MrPoopyPants2” as both the Page Name and SEO Name for the second page in the site (which is NOT the Home Page), Blocs exports a file based on that “Page Name.” We’ve established that as FACT. It’s indisputable. And that is NOT a problem. We have also established the indisputable fact that your Home Page will ALWAYS generate an index.html file on Export REGARDLESS of the Page Name. And THAT, my friends, is THE problem.

I am NOT arguing that we need something other than index.html for the home page. NO! NO! I am arguing that the UI is NOT CONSISTENT in that the user can type anything in the Page Name field for the Home Page, but that text WILL BE IGNORED BY BLOCS!! Folks, don’t you see this? I’m totally shocked I am the first person to not only notice it but also to care. It is a UI inconsistency in the extreme.

I also proposed how to make the UI consistent. It’s drop dead easy. You just gray out the Page Name field when you are on the Home Page. Go ahead and put “index.html” in that grayed out field to show people that it’s locked to that filename. That is perfect UI consistence that makes logical sense to everyone. DONE!

And while we’re at it, let’s please gray out the Save command in the File menu after a Save is finished to let the user know they don’t need to save again. Then re-enable Save in the File menu when a change is made. This is how most Mac apps work. That too is a part of UI consistency.

I hope this explanation helps. If not, I will repeat myself again in a follow-up post, but I would prefer not too.



Yes. Understanding your perspective doesn’t mean we need to agree. And I don’t see the problem. I think it works logically and as it should. My opinion is just as valid.

On another note… @Norm loving the hype brics. I’ve been playing around with it. Looking forward to using it on a live site soon. So seemless how it works. Appreciate your effort to make it work so well.


Bones, it is totally and utterly ILLOGICAL! I shall now allow Mr. Spock to set your logic straight…

If I tell an app to Quit by choosing File > Quit, and if the app doesn’t quit, should I then go about my business as if nothing is wrong?

If I try to flush my toilet and nothing flushes, should I simply leave and go on my merry way?

If attempt to light a match, and if it won’t light, should I just throw it away and forget I need to light a match?

The answer to all those questions is a resounding, “NO!”

Logic dictates that when you attempt to perform and action that does not yield the logical result, something is wrong and an investigation is required.

In like manner…

When I type something into a field in Blocs, I expect the UI to be intuitive in that what I type will be used somehow. But in the case of the Home Page, what you type in the Page Name field IS TOTALLY IGNORED! It’s utterly useless. It makes no sense at all. This isn’t just one man’s opinion. It’s the opinion of reason itself.

I am not saying that when I type a name in the Page Name field for the Home Page that I no longer want Blocs to generate index.html. (Although SoftPress Freeway allows you to do just that, but that’s an aside.) I like the fact I get index.html for the Home Page. What I and Spock have been saying though is that logic and reason are tied to UI consistency. Imagine if an app somehow made the Mac menubar to drop down to the bottom of your display like Windows. That wouldn’t be very consistent now would it? No! Neither is ignoring text in a field. So I propose that Page Name field be automatically grayed out and locked when working on the Home Page, for the sake of logic, reason, UI consistency, and my own sanity.

And as I just said, the “Save” menu command is similar. Look at any other Mac app. They all gray-out Save once you have saved and keep it gray UNTIL you make a change. That tiny little think speaks VOLUMES to users.

Some of you will disagree. That’s fine. But I am in many ways like Steve Jobs. Nobody will see the color of a motherboard on the inside of a Mac, perhaps, but if he wanted it black, it was built black. Some things just stick in us like thorns. UI consistency is that way for me.

Thanks for listening. Spock out.

Of course the bigger issue is are you using the right terminology. Are you really meaning the UX and not the UI :thinking: :joy:

Anyway have a good day/night. I’m off for a date with the wife for valentines.

I disagree with you. I do like to type in my own name. The reason why is, that my buttons and everything linking back to my first page (which I for example named “Home”) also refer to Home. Especially in the Navigation menu. So If I choose a page from the right top page selector in Blocs, I see the name “Home”. I do not want to see there the pre-defined name Index (given by Blocs in your suggestion although it seems a logical conclusion).

I am fully aware, yes, the html convention names always the first page “index.html” in order to know with what page to start. index.html is indeed very different from the name I gave it in Blocs. But I need to have the freedom to define my own name.

Or lets say I need a landing page where the user then may just click one button (that e.g. says: “Welcome to our HantsyPantsy Company” and be linked to the actual Home Page (that is actually then the second page). From there on the user never will get back to the first landing page. He just navigates and the (second page is called Home Page). I then want to name internally in Blocs: Landing Page, fully aware that exported name on the server for the first page is always named index.html.

For the “Save As…” text I do agree, that should be greyed out, even if the file name in the Blocs window shows or doesn’t shows the word “Edited” on the right side. I also would rather see, once a change had been done, the little black dot in the red closing button of the horizontal Apple traffic light (on the top left corner) of every window. But it seems that users who are not old school Apple users may not know about this fact, need to have this.

I can understand that. Thank you for explaining it. But that use case does not in any way remedy the glaring UI inconsistency. You merely have found a way to work around the UI inconsistency in a way that pleases you. But consider well that all your other pages have a Page Name that is locked to their output filename. So if any name other than “Home” displeases you regarding the Home Page display in Page Navigator, I would suspect that you could be equally displeased with the name display of other pages in the site.

Thank you for the support on the “Save” menu command. Here’s how it looks in Freeway after I save…


All right I see that you dislike that Blocs names the very first page that a user creates always as “Home” — instead of pre-fill it with Index or given the user the freedom to name it, like it is method for any other page than the very first page that is created in Blocs.

Yes, that is an inconsistency. Is it a big one? I don’t think so, as in the majority of users and millions of projects worldwide the first page is named “Home”. It makes it also easier for Newbies to Blocs, that the first page is automatically named Home.

To get back to your analogy with StarTrek. Logic is not always helpful, as it often had been demonstrated by Bones and Kirk. Sometimes the illogical thing makes life easier (and more humane, especially for our brains). As much as I am an asserter for a consistent and logical UI for the UX, I think in this case it would be overkill. Some few things can be very helpful outside of any logic.

Ok, so the very first page Blocs creates would be named Index. I would find that stranger than naming it Home. Especially if I would be a beginner with Blocs, have seen that nearly every page on this planet starts with Home, and would wonder what that term Index means. Is it an Index like in a book?

If you would suggest a little note in the Page Settings for the very first page explaining that the very first page will always be named index.html after export, regardless what name the page has, I could somehow feel for you. But just for the sake of logic, I have to say no - I prefer the illogic in this case.

“It would be most interesting to impress your memory engrams on a computer. The resulting torrential flood of illogic would be most entertaining.”—Spock

Create a new document and then mouseover the Page Name field, then ponder that tool tip which tells you a flat out lie. :scream:

Change is the essential process of all existence. —Spock

I’m surprised no one noticed my Mr. Poopy Pants tie-in with Naked Gun 2. Now that is the kind of illogic I can handle! :rofl:

Well, I think the Tooltip is not wrong (or lying) as it is the page’s file name – just not the exported file name. That is exactly how I always understood the Tooltip, as being used to name my page in Blocs. I never bothered (in this case) what my page is named after export.

So you ask for a different Tooltip for the first created page.

Though not always is change needed, welcomed, possible, logic, and change can be very well logic in being illogic. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I do understand your motives, but I personally think that this is an utterly minor concern. Neither the given name Home nor the Tooltip is worth enough to get upset and press for a change. But this is me.
For you it is a disturbance well enough to be changed. Is it then really for the better or only in your perception of logic? And is it really not working? Or, why changing something that works?

I cannot remember scenes of Naked Gun 2, though I saw it once upon a time. :laughing:

Is each page within a Blocs website really “a file”? :slight_smile:

In fact, each page is only “a file” when exported. Within the Blocs design interface, each page is just a page.

To me, it’s the “little things” that make all the difference. Oh well, at least I tried.

Naked Gun 2 1/2 came out in 1991 when I was still in engineering school. Mr. Poopy Pants has been stuck in my mind ever since. The good old days!

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Absolut hilarious! :rofl::rofl:

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Folks in Blocs the page name field is the one Blocs uses for the file name, unless the page is set to the home page in project settings, then it’s renamed to index automatically when exported.

This means in Blocs you can have a name you understand but once export takes place Blocs corrects the name to index as it’s the first page.

That’s why the page name index can’t be used, by setting the home page in project settings Blocs takes care of this, meaning it’s really quick to change home pages and only requires a single change, not multiple.

The page title field refers to the SEO meta tag used to generate the text you see in the browser tab.

@JDW my initial comments referred to using text characters that browsers and servers will not support in the URL scheme, blocs handles and strips out most, but some still sneak through.

Anyway I hope this clears things up folks.