Blocs 3.4.5 Beta Build 4

Folks, here is Blocs 3.4.5 Beta Build 4, this release is again, focused on stability and addresses a range of issues throughout.

The most notable changes are iframes can now no longer be displayed/rendered in app to prevent crashes, and the save function had a little tweak to hopefully stop those random save crashes too.

Download Blocs 3.4.5 Beta Build 4

Have fun :slight_smile:


Fantastic, Norm, you’re a creative, listening, hard working man!

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Downloading that now. Says it will be 25 minutes.

Yeah I got that, I rebooted server but no change.

Again I switched off WiFi and back on and it worked chrome.

Very strange. Says it will done in 5 minutes so I’ll just let it run.

Pause the download, resume the download, then it’s probably Superman speed again…

When checking “about” in version 3.4.5 Beta Build 4 this information shows up. Is this the way it should be?


Sorry yes it’s the correct build I just forgot to bump the version number.


Very slow download issues again?

Pause the download, resume the download. Doesn’t help?

No it was an issue the other day too. At least it still downloads lol