Blocs 3.4.6 Beta Build 1

Hey everyone,

With the world going crazy and many more working remotely I’ve been hard at work patching up some issues with the export package feature in Blocs v3.

This is beta build 1 of Blocs v3.4.6.

Enjoy :beers:

Download Blocs v3.4.6 Beta Build 1


Stay healthy and keep up the great work!


There’s still a lot of left sidebar strangeness going on in Blocs, that existed even in 3.4.5 and earlier, such as this…

Now how a Row is selected on the page, yet Blocs shows it as “Br” in the left sidebar!

This happens to me regularly after working in the same document for a while. Sometimes it takes 10 minutes and other times a half hour, but it will appear and I must quit and relaunch Blocs to make the left sidebar display items properly.

In like manner, after working a while in Blocs, the blue selection boxes on the page get shifted to the left by about 5mm or so. This is unrelated to the left sidebar but is another bug that has been in Blocs since version 2.x (when I first started using Blocs).


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Thanks I’ll get to work on this and other bits today :+1:

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@Norm, been experiencing trouble updating my sites also. Sometime I export everything and upload to the server and no update. Other times I just update the changes and upload and it works. No reason why, just not consistent? Using the last regular update. I used embedded assist.


Once an asset is embedded it can’t be edited so if you are making changes to images you will need to re-import them.

Once elements are embedded they no longer retain any reference to originals on the file system.

Didn’t change any of the embedded images. Just making updates and it’s been strange acting.


Which parts of the page are not updating correctly?

If it previews in app correctly it could be something causing issues during transport of the exported resources to the server.

I was just updating one of my sites and added a paragraph. Saved the update and exported it with just shaving the changes. I uploaded it and it did not add the paragraph. (it was not the cashed site) I then exported again and overwrote everything, then uploaded it and it was ok. It’s happened to me exporting both ways?


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Ok I’ll check it out :+1:

Another bug that drives me crazy pertains to Class Editor Padding and Margin data. I will often have the Class Editor dialog open so I can see the Padding & Margin numbers as I click different objects on the page. After verifying the numbers, if I then click a different object on the page, I will see the classname change in the Class Editor (in accordance with whatever class is applied to the object I click on). The problem is that SOMETIMES the Padding and/or Margin numbers I saw on a previous class will be displayed after I click a page object which has a different class, and I know those Padding/Margin numbers are wrong. I then type the same number displayed in Padding or Margin, and sure enough, the Padding or Margin changes on the object on the page!

In other words, I cannot always trust the numbers written in the Padding and Margin fields because I cannot know if those numbers are the bug or real values. It makes it almost impossible to jump around to different objects and verify the Padding and Margin via the Class Editor because I don’t know if the numbers are true or the bug.

The madness doesn’t stop there. When I type a new value for Padding or Margin and realize it was a mistake, I naturally hit CMD-Z to UNDO, but Blocs NEVER puts the previous value back in the field. It instead sometimes wipes both Padding and Margin fields or does some similar crazy thing. And the wicked part is, all values across all breakpoints get changed or wiped, with no hope of getting them back.

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They refresh correctly for me here.

Do you have a project with the issue in that I could try.

Also Ive added a few more tweaks to the layer tree patch list, if the next beta doesn’t address it, send me a copy of the project file.