Blocs 3.4.6 beta Build 4

So the only time it breaks is when you generate to a second external drive.

@Norm I’ve been having this weird issue were Blocs would not save a project. It show a progress bar but doesn’t actually overwrites the project file from the looks of it. I have to close then reopen the Blocs app to get it to work again.

macOS 10.15.4
Blocs 3.4.5

Projects are on iCloud Drive

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I think that is your problem right there.

Is this a known issue with iCloud? I’ve never experienced it until recently


Yes, I tried to save before quitting. There was no Save progress bar (or anything other indication) after requesting the Save. I was just trying to disable the Lazy Load setting on one of my projects and save that setting for the project.

I see Norm liked my post, so maybe he sees the issue.



If you search the forum for iCloud I think you’ll find various references to saving issues. e.g Blocs 3.4.1 just crashed on save!

Or like this Export: everything double - doesn´t work

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I am using the beta, but I am seeing problems with the form … apparently the label cannot be selected, it is not where it should be !!!

Captura de Pantalla 2020-04-16 a la(s) 7.10.51 p. m.

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My entire Laptop is synced to iCloud. The only problem I ever had was Blocs crashing if assets were stored on the cloud but not local. Which seems to be fixed, I think it was more an OS issue. Of course it’s a non issue for me now, since I have a much larger SSD than before.

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Deleting the “p-2698-margin-bottom” Class does NOT delete the bottom margin. So what does that mean? (You only gave the case of where deleting the Class DOES delete the bottom margin. But again, in my case, deleting the Class does NOT eliminate that bottom margin.)

And that leads me to a new feature request I thought of just now that is somewhat related…

When I press-and-hold the SHIFT key and click one of the 4 tabs surrounding a given item, if there is an existing margin associated with the tab I am clicking, can Blocs PLEASE show me the px value? It’s frustrating to me that I must drag a little bit to change the existing margin in order to guess at what that margin’s px value was before my drag, which is something I have to do when that margin doesn’t appear in the Class Editor for the reason that no Class exists on that item for that Margin!

Blocs should empower me to hold Shift, click a tab, then immediately (without dragging/changing) see the px value of the existing margin. And if the Margin doesn’t exist, then showing me 0px when I click is desired.


Are you using save or save as?

Regarding the feature request it should show the value pop over on mouse down. I’ll double check that incase it’s not working under some circumstances.

As for the deletion of the class and the margin remaining. That simply means the Class Editor is working correctly. It’s not displaying a lower margin as it’s not a value stored in that particular class.

Looks like it’s an inherited class value from further up the chain.

Perhaps you have a margin setting applied in the side bar, this may be the creator of the lower margin.

Or it may be a default setting in bootstrap for paragraphs inside lists.

Delete the freehand class, preview, right click the item and inspect.

Check the side bar inside the inspector and look under the styling tab for the classes effecting this element. From here you should be able to find the class that is applying the margin.

What you have to remember is Blocs uses bootstrap which is hundreds of classes working just to give the vanilla layout and style so essentially everything already has classes. The ones you create in the app are additional in order to customise the design further.

Yeah iCloud is a major pain for more than just Blocs.

Usual after an OS update I’ve found iCloud goes out of sync and the Mac requires a restart in order to work correctly.

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I would appreciate you looking into that because no px value ever shows for any tab I click on (while holding down the Shift key). It’s only when I move my hand on the mouse and drag does the px value then begin to show.

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I can confirm that is a new bug that has crept in, the marker no longer shows when the mouse is first pressed on a handle. I’ll get that patched.

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Just save. Neither seems to do it the first time so I close the app, reopen it, then check to see if it actually will Save the second time.

“So the only time it breaks is when you generate to a second external drive.”


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Have you tried restarting your Mac?

I’ve seen odd situations regarding privileges with iCloud drives (especially after an OS update) and a restart appears to address them.

Well this is progress as it was breaking for all 3 at one point :rofl:

I will set up a test machine with a similar set up to yours regarding the drives and get that last variation sorted.

It’s very likely to be included in the first beta for 3.4.7 as I want to get the other patches live and if I mess with the packager again it will need to be tested for a further 2 weeks.

Ok this is now fixed and ready for the next release.

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Good find this is indeed a bug. Looks like an unwanted issue was caused by all the work I did to the save function in the recent releases making it a bit more picky about when it thinks the project has unsaved changes.

Anyway, it’s fixed and so are a number of other edge case scenarios (like this one) with the project code editor input areas and other project settings.

Patch is included in next weeks official release of 3.4.6