Blocs 3.4 Beta Build 4 - Catalina Fixes

Hey everyone,

Here is Blocs 3.4 beta build 4, with MacOS Catalina fixes for the colour picker and missing assets. I also added a nice productivity enhancement. Hold Option key when selecting text alignment via sidebar will set alignment on all breakpoints, this saves setting it for every breakpoint.

This release focuses on an area that is probably the most common issue Blocs users run into and that is the management of project assets. Aside from fixing a range of issues in this area I’ve also added some new features that (when fully tested and stable) should hopefully make working with Blocs even more user friendly and cause a lot less headaches.

Support for Embedded Assets
Blocs 3.4 has an upgraded file format, which allows project assets such as images, videos, additional style sheets etc to be saved into the actual Blocs files. This change took A LOT of work, I’ve tested it internally for weeks, but of course this is a beta so expect the unexpected. This feature is enabled by default on new projects and can be switched off in project settings (misc).

Asset Embed For Old Projects
If you want to embed all of the assets in a pre 3.4 project, you’ll be happy to learn that I’ve added a feature to do that. One click and your projects assets are all embedded into the project file.

File > Project Assets > Embed All Assets in Project

Generate Package Support
So if you don’t want to embed assets in projects, but want a way to make transporting files between Macs easier? You are going to love the new Package generator. One click and everything used in a project is stored in an organised directory ready to be moved to another Mac.

File > Export > Generate Package

Asset Manager Workflow Improvements
The Asset Manager is used to assign assets in Blocs with the exception of the project settings and the class editor. This is now rectified in Blocs 3.4, when you opt to change the project favicon or a classes background image, the Asset Manager is now used.

Minimum MacOS Requirements
Blocs 3.4 now requires MacOS 10.12 minimum, the app will no longer boot on anything lower.

This is just a few of the improvements in Blocs 3.4, you can view the full change log on the download page for a more detailed breakdown.

As this version of Blocs (3.4) makes heavy changes to project files and structures, please ensure you only use backup projects with it until the dust settles after the first few beta builds.

Download Blocs 3.4 Beta Build 4


This sounds very promising.


That sounds awesome! I’ve always had to switch to the smallest breakpoint to correct this. Thanks @Norm

Thanks, Norm! I was waiting for the latest update with these bug fixes! The funny thing is, that in this transitioning period, it is better to stick to the Beta builds than the Stable release one because of the image assets problem in macOS Catalina Beta… :crazy_face:

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… and it works perfect.
Also all images are showing again.
Well done, Norm.


Hi Norm,

I just downloaded 3.4b4 to try out on some of my projects. So far, looks pretty good. :slight_smile:

I did notice a minor thing. When viewing pages in main edit window, I can now scroll page content left or right with my trackpad such that page can even go out of view. In 3.3, the page content is locked to not allow scrolling to left or right. Is this something to be corrected?

That’s it for now. Keep up the good work!!!


p.s. I’m on MacOS 10.14.6

That’s normal now, as the left sidebar can be resized so you need to be able to scroll.


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In the release notes it mentions that this build “Fixed issue that caused nav bar toggle to break.”

This sounds like something I reported as a bug (#8764) a couple weeks ago that I was seeing in 3.3, however I am still seeing it in this beta of 3.4. In a nutshell I can set the toggle at SM but it kicks in at MD when previewed in Blocs. If I set it at XS it toggles at SM. Always one point too early.

No that’s separate this issue prevented the women’s working at all. Build 5 will address more issues, hopefully ready in time for weekend.


Hi @Norm,

Found a few more bugs that I hope you are able to check out before releasing Beta 5:

  • Fast scrolling across a given page filled with content will sometimes cause an empty page to show.
  • Certain Assets will not always load in the design view but do show up in the Asset Manager
  • The application would sometimes hang while saving the project.
  • Preview Mode doesn’t show anything at all (possible Catalina issue?) but everything loads perfectly in Browsers

Thanks I’ll investigate this further, for build 6. Probably worth pointing out Ive not had any issues like you mention.