Blocs 3.4!

This morning began with burnt coffee, a broken heater thermostat and the need to find some obscure part to repair my vehicle. BUT! Blocs 4 came out with many wonderful new additions and additions placing the day firmly in the “win” column.

Thanks @Norm! I realize it’s impossible to make a community of users happy and thus am thankful for all you do and how you do it.



Perhaps you mean Blocs 3.4? Blocs 4 is a long way in the future.


Yes Blocs 3.4 is now available, good timing too as Apple just dropped MacOS Catalina!


Oops! Yes, 3.4.

Hi Norm,
The app is crushing on opening project created in previous version of blocs. This happens for me on 2 separate computers. Could you please check.

Any chance you could please send a copy of the project thanks.

I can send it by end of the day. It actually worked fine with last beta so it was surprising to see it crashing with final release.

I am just thinking that maybe having 2 versions at the same time could make the difference. I will try later and let u know.

This may be the cause, anything is possible with computers. Especially when a new OS ships at the same time.

It Is actually crashing on Mojave.

Norm. Could you please let me know how to download previous version?

All older versions of Blocs are available here:

How about day/night mode based on system preferences.

Norm, Installing previous version together with new one did not help. Let me know email address to which should I send the project file. thanks

Found the email address. Sent the file to you. Hope you can help. Thanks

I’ve exactly the same problem. And I didn’t change anything in my project, beacuase just typing one letter Blocs 3.4.0 crashs…

It was a great day. I was going to hold off updating to MacOS Catalina, but the Blocs update inspired me to check all my software, even ended up buying MAMP PRO and updating the OS :grin:. No issues yet.


Issue found and fixed (ready for 3.4.1 beta) Ive sent you a fixed copy of your file too so you can work on that now.

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Hi. Since the new build 3.4 out, there are many crashes that we experience. By saving it crash, by shorter working timeout app freezes. Pages are missing, instead of page structure there is a blank screen. On certain custom brics it crash.

Not sure what is happening. It’s really annoying when you are editing pages. Sometimes. When its freezes you can not quite the app You need to go to force close.

Version before was really stable.

My 2cent

Hey, did you try any of the beta releases?

I don’t think we got any crashes during testing, so this is weird.