Blocs 3.5.0 Beta Build 2

Hey everyone,

Here is Blocs 3.5.0 beta build 2, this release addresses a range of issues with assets and asset management.

The Betas of Blocs can be run alongside the normal versions without any disruption, so please take it for a little spin.

Download Blocs 3.5.0 Beta Build 2

Known Issues
This beta has the following known issues:
• Image with light box interactions can not be selected - Fixed and ready for build 3


Thanks Norm! Keep up the good work.

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I’ve just pushed a new compile of build 2 with improved save error handling.

Please re-download if you have downloaded already.


Hi @Norm

I know it’s probably a little too late but is there anyway you can check the Classes section on the inspector?
There are times where that part of the Blocs App seems to hang, especially when typing fast or including other bootstrap classes.

Isiah Johnson


I’ve just pushed 3.5 but I’ll most likely have 3.5.1 beta starting in a day or so so I’ll check that out.