Blocs 3.5.2 Beta Build 2

Here is a new version of Blocs, just in time for the weekend :sunglasses:

Build 2 of Blocs v3.5.2 patches a range of issues.

I’ve also added a little improvement to the way sticky navigation Blocs work. If you had a Bloc above a sticky nav Bloc, it would get a little jumpy when you scroll. The new version keeps everything nice and smooth and slots the Bloc back into place at the rigt time.

Anyway, have a great weekend.

Download Blocs 3.5.2 beta Build 2


That specific feature was fantastic, many thanks @Norm

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Thank you @Norm!

lol, thanks @Norm, you made my little custom code bric I use redundant for the scroll to sticky navbar. Excellent to have this built in now.

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Yipee! :partying_face:

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Hi Norm great job just wanted to ask if we can make the nav not show when scrolling down and when scrolling up to show again, because when scrolling down you don’t really need the nav bar its just covering the screen and when scrolling up your looking for it again? Just thought it would be a nice touch :slight_smile:

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I am getting a JavaScript error in 3.5.2b2 when no sticky-nav is on the page.

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Thanks I’ll check that!

In this line:

// Sticky Nav Bar Toggle On / Off
function stickyNavToggle()
	var offsetVal = offsetVal = $('.sticky-nav').offset().top; // offset Value
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Double-click behavior on SPANs has always been a bit buggy in Blocs. The SPAN is always “selected” when I double-click, but it’s often the case I cannot edit the underlying text. Indeed, my reason to double-click a SPAN is to edit its text. What I am often forced to do is double-click elsewhere in a paragraph to insert my text cursor, and then I must arrow-key around to get inside the SPAN. This is troublesome and time consuming. Yet there are other times I can double-click and my text cursor goes right inside! It’s difficult for me to reproduce with accurate steps, which is why I’ve not filed a formal bug report on it. But it would be odd if I alone have experienced this behavior. Then again, I am on the best version of MacOS ever (High Sierra), so you never know! :wink:

Not sure if this is a bug or a feature, but today I launched 3.5.2b2 and opened an existing document and accidentally hit the space key, and my document suddenly closed! Has anyone else noticed this?

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