Blocs 3.5.2 Beta Build 3

Here is Blocs v3.5.2 (beta build 3), just in time for the weekend :sunglasses:

Download Blocs 3.5.2 beta Build 3


YaY Weekend! :rofl:

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Hi Norm – So, Blocs 3.5 including, beta 3.5.2, still breaks my site, both with Blocs preview and Browser preview. The screen captures below were just taken using beta 3.5.2 and current Catalina. The live site is using 3.4.10 perfectly.

With this beta, as with 3.5, the large breakpoint is fine, but then med & small (same with x-small) you see the layout breaks and some labels vanish on the smaller breakpoints.

I think you suggested a month or so ago that this may be a ‘framework’ issue with bootstrap?



Thank you @Norm!

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Hi Norm, Thanks a lot for the new beta! Unfortunately, I have the issue as Daniel regarding breakpoints, also in the new beta … I just filed a bug report. Are there any temporary workarounds you suggest?

Thank you in advance!


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Could you manually set the 2 columns to be 12 columns wide in the inspector and force them to be full width like the earlier version?

Hi TrevReav,

Thanks for your suggestion! This works in principle but only for the XS sizes (i.e. smartphone) but then all other sizes would use the 12 column wide layout which I want to avoid. So I would need to manually build a distinct layout for each size which does not make a lot of sense to me … I was really happy about the very convenient method in earlier versions :slight_smile:


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hi – I noticed that you replied to me, rather than @Norm…to get his attention you might try again! :slight_smile:

I submitted a formal bug report on the fact the Blocs preview button is now taking 2 clicks to work in this beta. But I am also seeing that View > Preview in Browser is not working at all no matter how many times I try it. Anyone else see this problem? Or is it only me in High Sierra?

You can change the column widths per breakpoint. Start from the lowest breakpoint and work your way up.

You don’t need to build different layouts, just adjust them per breakpoint.

Works OK here with Catalina 10.15.6.
Must be only on High Sierra.

I’m using Blocs on HS and I’m not experiencing either of these problems. I’ve tried it in its native preview, in Safari, FF, and Chrome. All with one click.

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Thanks for your quick reply. If I understand correctly, we need to start at the lowest breakpoint and then manually adjust the column widths for each one higher up … To be frank, this seems like a big hassle for many already existing projects since previously I have specified the largest breakpoint and then for the smaller breakpoints the number of columns was automatically adjusted! So the new version feels a like a downgrade in this regard to me (and adds work for me that I won’t be able to bill a client …) – do you think you could bring back the automatic feature?

Column control has always worked this way.

I noticed a few changes recently caused by the major browsers being updated. Blocs also uses the Bootstrap framework, which is updated and changes from time to time.

Unfortunately on occasions, yes, you may find when you update to the latest version of anything to do with the web, you may have to tinker and check for issues.

It’s all constantly moving forward, nothing for the web is ever finished.