Blocs 3.5.5 Beta Build 3

No rest for the wicked! :sunglasses:

Here is Blocs 3.5.5 beta build 3. This release addresses a range of issues, bumps the Menu Manager limit to 60 and adds additional fallback to protect the pre-loader from potential errors.

Anyway, you can download the latest beta version of Blocs 3.5.5 here.

Thanks for taking your own time to help test the latest version of Blocs! :raised_hands:


Crashed nearly instantly on first two executions, then stable (and adding menus) - seems like both times it crashed was simply trying to add an additional menu…which now is ‘magically’ working post crashes.

Will mail crashlog.

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No B3 crashes here, even after two separate launches, on super-stable and globally beloved MacOS High Sierra! :slight_smile:

Problems when using the “sidebar menu” the sub menus are broken so much the links do not adapt to the width, previously it was passed to two floors now it is to the full width, but the title does not fit the width of the menu.

the same happens in both beta and version 3.5.4 | I use this type of menu almost always!

Captura de Pantalla 2020-10-07 a la(s) 8.41.59 p.m.

Captura de Pantalla 2020-10-07 a la(s) 8.42.09 p.m.

That may be a glitch that’s come up since the recent bootstrap update.

I’ll take a look

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I’ve checked this out and it works fine here for me.

It could be that your menu is being mutated by some additional custom classes.

Blocs 3.5.5 update is available…

It is, 3.5.6 will be going into beta in the next few days.

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With the new 3.5.5 update the menu adapts very well. thanks

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