Blocs 3.5.6 beta Build 2

Hey everyone,

here is the second beta of Blocs v3.5.6. This build has a few fixes for MacOS Big Sur (which looks like its coming next week).

You can download the latest beta version here.

Thanks again for taking the time to help test Blocs :raised_hands:


The Release Candidate just came out.
Downloading …


Hi @Norm, there’s a bug on Big Sur RC where I can’t select text with left mouse click / trackpad. It seems theres a bug as well in your “bug report” form as re-captcha verification is not working.

Below Wetransfer link to a short video (14mb)

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Try another browser, I think fresh desk (who I use for support) are having some issues with the recapture.


Hi @Norm, there is an issue with the special navigation font size. it is not a problem in beta. it is in all versions.

Thanks I have that patched up ready for Monday’s release.

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Have you inspected the menu in preview mode to make sure it’s not being blocked by another class?

Hi Norm, yes I did. The issue is on a new project without any classes

Looking at the classes, this limitation has always been there from what I can see.

The way around it is to use the following class to override the class effecting the size.

.nav-special.fullscreen-nav .nav > li a

I’ll see if I can improve that going forward so the standard class can be used to alter size too.