[Blocs 3] A lot of bugs with NavBar

The Blocs 3.0.3 have a lot of bugs with navigation bloc/container.

There was an project migrated from 2.6.5 to v3 with NavBar and some Classes.

  1. “dropdown:hover .dropdown-menu” doesn’t worked correct. Some attributes like margin are not saving.
  2. after reopen Class Manager I found new double version of “dropdown:hover .dropdown-menu”
  3. Navigation bloc are not sticky while that option is ON
  4. There are some bugs with dropdown visualization and light/dark mode of navigation
  5. after delletting “dropdown:hover .dropdown-menu” from Class Manager the navigation bloc doesn’t return to normal mode and continue worked as it was with class.

Not had an issue with any of them, but it seems most issues are from migrated projects. Update your Blocs to 3.0.4 that was just released and see if anything is fixed, as a last resort, contact Norm via this page https://help.blocsapp.com/knowledge-base/reporting-bugs/ and he will be able to help.

It’s not ideal but if you have the project on 2.6.5 still, you could maybe re-do the nav bar from scratch which should fix most things, usually they only take 15 minutes or so.

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No, it didn’t help me.
Of cause I was try to delete this bloc and re-do again. But the problem is steel. It look like an cache of the app. I delete all caches, prefs and other link folders in mac os x that associated with Blocs v3 but the problem not gone.

May be it some migration track in code but how rebuild it?..

mac os 10.13.6 / 3.0.4

Ok, I find the solution.

It should be to check on-off by vissibility icons. Something like magic voodoo. Strange behaviour.

Please, what are the step for the: to check on-off by visibility icons?!
Thank You!