Blocs 3 Beta


Can we have Beta Access to Blocs 3 Beta?


Probably too late at this point. I think Norm said it was due for release this week, but no doubt there will be a demo.


Blocs 3 will be update, or new version to buy?


Brand new version.


when it will be released?


Probably this week!


Hashtag 3 days according to the twitter feed.


Sure, I got an email that it was going to be released this week but little or no information was given. @Norm How many people participated in the Beta 3? Im participating in the Tumult Hype 4 beta which is being rolled out soon and I’ve provided and reported bugs. Was it a closed Beta or limited?


It was private, various members of the Blocs community and other developers and close friends participated. It’s been being tested since the late summer.