Blocs 3 layer section issues

I love blocs 3 so far but to be honest it is a bit overwhelming especially for the layer section for me.

  1. I tried to rearrange brics and the app crashed.

  2. Migrated a blocs 2 project to 3, there was a hidden click to reveal bloc, I do not see that block any more on version 3…however, when I preview the bloc, it is in the browser.

  1. How do I unlock a container in a layer section? what does it even mean for it to be locked?

Locked elements are essentially fixed for good reason. To help you and others with the migration issues I would suggest sending a support ticket that includes a link to this forum thread, along with your project file and any crash report, so it can be investigated.

“Locked elements are essentially fixed for good reason.”
What is that “good reason”?
Again, “what does it even mean for it to be locked?”
Also- is it possible to unlock them?
The common interface design pattern (all Adobe programs for starters) is to make the lock icon visible if unlocking is an option. If, in Blocs, it is not possible to unlock the items appearing next to or below the lock icons, doesn’t that essentially make this icon moot?

I think the lock button makes sense, to habe a visual feedback, that this item can not be moved.

As of what I know, it is not possible to unlock elements.

I think some elements are locked, otherwise it were possible to create non-functional websites. Bootstrap 4 which is used by blocs 3 imposes some rules to function correctly.

Items are locked to prevent users breaking the layout. It’ll be explained in the layer tree docs when they are published later this week.


Could you send me your project with instructions on how to create the crash and I’ll get it fixed up.

That’s not cool…
You should allow locked items to be deleted as without that ability your pre-made blocs are useless.

I have a page with a global nav and beneath that on the home page I want to use the “Hero with Laptop and Features” bloc but I can’t because I can’t remove the 12 column container with the additional nav bar at the top of the section.
In fact I would never use any of the hero sections in a page layout for the same reason so they are essentially junk filling up my library if I can’t edit them.

deleting locked layers makes the layout useless as it breaks the way it is supposed to work.

Switch off the additional content areas on the full screen bloc (sidebar inspector with bloc selected), or switch off the top global area for that page (page settings).

So I have been working in blocs 3 for about 5 hours now, and was really excited about this app until I did the following: I added a container, then some content, then changed my mind … only to discover that while I could remove the content, I can’t delete the entire container because it’s locked. I don’t understand that. If the container didn’t exist, and I add a container and add some content to it, I should be able to delete the entire container without “making the layout useless”.

Now I have empty container tags like this in my code:

<div class="container ">
<div class=“row”>
<div class=“col-12”>

Hi Gary, I just double checked this to be sure. But are you sure you have removed the bloc and not simply the bric.
I added and removed (even with the displayed padlock) successfully using 3.0.3, the only items left for me were those in the global area for the Nav bar.

Delete the Bloc, not the inner container. Locked layers can’t be deleted as they create none valid Blocs or bootstrap structures which you obviously don’t want.

The row is the same, it cant exits without having at least one column inside.

Here is a screenshot. There is a container nested within a container and I can’t get rid of it. Even after deleting the content inside of it.

Here is also a short video showing what I mean:
After deleting the bric “Horizontal Line” I am left with a column and a row. I can’t delete these.

I came late to this issue. It seems to leave your pages littered with undeletable containers. I am seeing many quirks, where a header will disappear and has to be deleted and replaced. If I can’t delete the container, it is left empty.

A wide range of issues has been fixed in the current beta of Blocs 3.2.3 for the layer tree.

However locked containers can not be deleted as they are required for the structure.

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