Blocs 3 | Navigation bar orientation after migration

Hello All,

I’ve just migrated to Blocs 3 and the major difference is that the navigation bar that used to be horizontal is now vertical. I can’t find a way to change it back - is it something I’ve missed, or will I have to create it from scratch?



That doesn’t sound right. The migration process is generally pretty good, but sometimes you need to rework the navigation part. A vertical menu sounds really strange though. It would probably help @Norm if you can send him a copy of the project file.

…done. :+1:

Hi @Norm, did you get it all OK? It was a 57 MB file…


How did you send the project? It should really go via the ticket support system.

I sent @Norm a message via this forum with a link to Google Drive. If it didn’t make it, I can route it via the ticket systsm.

Just seen a response from @Norm that I hadn’t caught. I’ll remove it and add it again…

Even if I delete the navbar and insert a new navigation bar bric into the header the text is vertical…


I’m having same problem… good thing I can run Blocs2 until we can get this figured out.
I tried changing type, and tried adding new but it acts as though it’s in mobile mode no matter which option is chosen. @Norm -


Back to Blocs 2 for me, then. One customer fewer than I had last week… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I wondered if anyone had found a fix / workaround for this?

I’ll ask Paddle for a refund…


Sorry for the delay. Im on your ticket now, things are running a little slower than normal due to the recent launch.

I need a copy of your Blocs project file, you sent over the export version.

After looking at the project file, this issue was caused by heavy customisation to the core navigation classes, which were of course overriding even newly added navigation Blocs.

Unfortunately this level of trouble shooting is outside of the scope of the migration so it requires a manual fix. The file has been manually fixed and sent back over via the bug report ticket.