Blocs 3 site - Gallies Alley

Thanks to everyone who helped me get Gallie’s very special website completed :grinning:
@Eldar provided excellent video tutorials.
Gallies Alley
Please check it out on whatever device you like. I appreciate any feedback.

Hi @KBConcepts

Have only viewed so far on desktop:

Looks like the spacing is not correctly set in the beginning of the paragraph:

I also find the text difficult to read. Although Lato should be fine, here in this instance it does not seem to work well in my opinion.

Is it missing white space, too many characters per line or not “white” enough ? Cannot say for sure. Maybe more paragraph spacing…

The footer appears to have 2 different shade of black and does not look good. I also find there is missing space on top for the social icons.

Your site could be improved with a bit more white spacing to give it a more air.


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Hello @KBConcepts,

I would agree with @MDS on his comments.

Making text just a bit brighter might benefit readability.

As for footer, unless you will make the whole bloc with social icons a different color (and not just the area around icons), I think that sticking to one color will be better here.


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