Blocs 3 site - Stein Capital Management


Thanks to everyone who helped me get this website completed :grinning:
This is a simple website because it’s what my client desired.
@Eldar provided excellent video tutorials.
Stein Capital Management
Please check it out on whatever device you like. I appreciate any feedback.


You have kept the same browser icon for your both projects “Comp-session” & “Stein Capital Management”


@laoulou that is correct when I get my RWD website the logo will change.


Use Solis for check!


I’ll go back and recheck it. Did you see a problem?


The menus seem to get “jumpy” when I hover over them, like the size of the menu increases dramatically once I hover over them. I’m viewing it on Firefox 64.0.2.


I’ll just it out. Thanks for letting me know.