Blocs 4.0.2 Beta Build 1

Hey everyone, thanks for all of the support and feedback over the last week. We know the docs and various other parts of the site need more work and we are working on them behind the scenes, but we are also pushing to address the initial issues that have cropped up since the launch of Blocs 4.

Here is the first Blocs v4.0.2 beta, it has various minor fixes and tweaks. It does include a temp function to address an issue regarding large file sizes, that appears to have been carried over from Blocs v3.

Large File Issues
If you are running a project with embedded assets you may have recently noticed that the file size may be inflating. This is caused by some duplicate asset data being written into the files, the initial cause has been patched in 4.0.2 but it wont automatically correct files that have the extra data in them.
I’ve added a temp feature that can be access via the main menu Beta > Remove Duplicate Embedded Assets. This function will remove all the duplicate data from files if there is any and let you know how much it removed.

If you use this feature please make sure you make a backup before as it is a beta stage feature and may cause issues (better to be safe than sorry).

Have great weekend :beers:

Download Blocs 4.0.2


Hi Norm.

Will this be sent out to the updater in Bloc, or we have to get it only here?
Sorry, might be a stupid question.

Beta versions run independently to the main release of Blocs. This version is intended for testing, as long as nothing major crops up (during testing) it will go live and be available via the in app update.

Ahh ok.
Reward for stupid question of the week goes to me!
Thanks Norm.


Don’t worry :laughing:

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hey @norm thanks for your great job. Did you find the issue with the animation on my page?

Not yet but I have the ticket :+1:

Hi @Norm, Large file issue is solved (for me). The file reduced to 221MB from 5GB and deleted over 20k duplicated assets! Thanks again.


Down to 80mb - Job done…thanks

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Folks, I am running High Sierra and I see a bug pertaining to pressing the Return key. It would be appreciated if some of you could please try the following on your newer versions of MacOS:

  1. Launch Blocs 4.0.2 and open a new document.
  2. New column, new paragraph.
  3. Delete all the text in that new paragraph.
  4. Type anything (e.g., “test” or even the letter “t”)
  5. Press Return. On my Mac, there is no new line. For that, I am forced to press Return a second time. That is the bug I am seeing. I would like to know if you can confirm it.

I should add that even though I do have the ability to switch the input method to Japanese, I am using the default English input method, just like the rest of you who only use English. So it’s not a matter of being in Japanese input mode or anything like that.


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Hi @JDW, Yeah I’m having the same issue on Big Sur. You’ll need to press twice return to go to the next line.

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I reported it to @Norm yesterday, but he hasn’t had time to reply back to me so I wanted to see if others had the same problem. Thanks for confirming it’s not just a High Sierra thing, @Jerry!

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Tried it as you said exactly and, in fact, I had saw the same result. Had to hit “return” twice in order for it to go to a new line. I also have Japanese installed, but did that test in native English mode. If that is off any help. I’m running Catalina 10.5.7 on a MacBook Pro 16.

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Thanks for confirming. It’s definitely a bug that needs fixing in 4.0.3.

Yes, same here @JDW, also the same problem for a ‘soft’ return.

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Seems to work fine for me with Big Sur using the release of 4.0.2. Not had a chance to check it on Mojave but will do later. As a point of general good practice it’s better to add new paragraph brics rather than pressing the return key.

I seem to have come down with some sort of bug myself, so I may not be that active on the forums for a day or two.

Hi @Flashman, why would that be? If you’re typing in a whole raft of text, what a PITA that becomes.

More seriously - go to bed and get better!