Blocs 4.0.4 Beta Build 1

Here is the first beta of Blocs v4.0.4, it has a few minor fixes for some visual glitches that have cropped up since the release of MacOS 11.1 earlier this week.

Have great weekend everyone :beers:

Download Blocs 4.0.4


Yay, No bouncing project settings anymore!

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We are back to those super slow Blocs downloads. I’ve been seeing this a lot lately and it typically takes a good half hour or more to download. I’m on a 76mbps connection and it’s all good elsewhere.

Screenshot 2020-12-18 at 12.20.03

Downloaded in less than 10 seconds. Just cancel the download and restart. Most of the times that does the trick.

Maybe it’s the hosting. I’ll give them a nudge if it doesn’t improve by Monday.

The thread title says “Blocs 3.0.4 Beta Build 1”, its like signing checks as 2020 in 2021. :wink:

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Doh thanks for the heads up :flushed:

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Give or take a few hundred new features they are nigh on identical, so it was an easy mistake.


Hey @Norm, there is a problem with the background video. I can see the video in the preview, but cannot see it on the server.
The video works on Safari only. The video is not visible on Chrome or any other browser.

Have you tried on a live server?

Sure, see here live:

Confirmed on my High Sierra 5K iMac:

Safari: I see a still background image at the top of the page. Maybe it doesn’t play because I have Safari’s Auto Play set to off? That affects videos on my site too, which is why I am forced to show the controls to allow the visitors to play the video.

Chrome: The video is missing. Not even a still image.

FireFox: Same as Chrome.

Hey @RME,

I get the same results in all my browsers bar Safari (Brave, Edge, Chrome). Just a shot in the dark here, but I notice you have spaces in the video file name, what happens if you remove those? The reason why I mention that, Safari is the only browser that will play the video when directly linking to it.

Hey, i did try an other video without spaces. It still the same.

Like I said a shot in the dark. Tried a new project? Might have to see what Norm comes back with.

Yes, i did try it a new project. No changes.

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A simple test is to request the video directly from the server, this helps to identify if the issue is with the code Blocs generates or with the server/video file.

Going direct to the video file on the server fails to render in chrome.

This means the issue is not with the actual website code and very likely with the file or the server setup.

The next thing to do, is download the video file. In doing so, I quickly identified the video is not an mp4 and is actually an mpeg-4, renamed to an mp4. I’m not an expert but I believe these file formats are different.

Using something like this free online conversion tool should get you the correct files format.

I hope that helps :slight_smile:


Thats interesting Norm, nice find.

Yes it works! Strange. mp.4 is not mp.4 Thanks for your help. Maybe you can create an information window for other users if the file is not in the correct format ?!

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And I have an issue with adding new navigation links. The new links are not added next to the others. It will placed under the link. Is that right?