Blocs 4.0.4 Beta Build 3

Hey everyone,

Here is Blocs 4.0.4 beta build 3. this release contains some more fixes in various areas, and also addresses a few more of the crash issues for those using new M1 Macs.

If you are using an M1 Mac and you continue to get crashes with this beta, please let me know what tasks cause the crashes.

Have a great weekend! :beers:

Download Blocs 4.0.4 Beta Build 3


Thank You. This Version is good for M1

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That’s good to hear. Please let me know what causes crashes if you encounter more.

I did get another crash, but it took a bit longer to occur. Again, I was just clicking around different objects in the project edit window. Since I was clicking around so quickly, I can’t remember exactly what I was doing when it happened. I think I was clicking around in the project footer area. The full crash data is attached below and looks similar to the previous crash data that I posted.

Hope this helps. When you come out with another beta, I’ll continue testing. Btw, I know M1 Big Sur has a number of issues with my other apps too. Maybe some of these issues are with the Apple software. Hopefully Apple will soon come out with another system update and some of these problems (including Blocs) will go away.

Have a good weekend! :slight_smile:

pruthe (31.5 KB)

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Found a bug. It happened in previous versions already, thought the new beta maybe solves it. But it’s still there.
It happens if a Blog Edge Divider is applied to a bloc and you duplicate this bloc.
The type and flip can be changed in both blocs separately, but if you change color, widht or height, it’s being changed in both blocs.

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It’s not a bug, but it is misleading. They are using the same classes to style the appearance.

Use the layer tree to select the divider and you’ll see the classes are the same. Want them to be separate classes, delete the class from one and apply new attributes. Via the Blocs divider settings.

The reason for this is in some cases you would have duplicated Blocs with separate classes doing the same thing. Blocs assumes you want the duplication the same, if you don’t then you need to remove the assigned class.

Hope that helps.


This sounds reasonable, and was my first idea :smile: :+1:
Only, I don’t see any classes applied to any of the Edge Dividers. Copied or not:

and now suddenly all the blocs on other pages get duplicated Edge Dividers… seems like because I changed the look of one divider, a second (or even third) Edge Divider (the black one) with the same settings, was applied on all blocs on the complete site:

maybe this is a bug now?? :sweat_smile:

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Yeah this is a bug :blush:

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btw: first I thought I see no classes, because sth. went wrong at the migration of the project from Blocs 3 to Blocs 4.
But even if I create a new project and apply an Edge Divider, there’s no Class visible.
Tested it in Blocs v4.0.3 and v4.0.4-b3, same result.

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