Blocs 4.1.1 Beta Build 1

Hey everyone, here is the first beta for Blocs 4.1.1.

Have a great weekend and thanks again for helping to test! :beers:

Don’t forget to refresh your browser :eyes: :+1:
Download Blocs 4.1.1 Beta Build 1


When adding a code widget preview is selected by default, despite the warning.

I think that’s always been the case.

Wouldn’t it make sense to disable by default?

Hello @Flashman I rather not have it disabled, because 95% off the codes works with no issues with preview activated, and in that way I can preview the code without closing the code editor. So for me I prefer to have it enabled by default, as is from all versions.

@Pealco Fair enough. I was just wondering if it made sense to have that preselected when it included a warning. You can see how often I code in Blocs :grinning:

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