Blocs 4.1.1 Beta Build 2

Hey everyone, here is the second beta for Blocs 4.1.1.

Have a great weekend and thanks again for helping to test! :beers:

Don’t forget to refresh your browser :+1:
Download Blocs 4.1.1 Beta Build 2



This… “Scroll to the selected UI item in Bric Builder.” = :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

Thank you.


i know right!


I sent this as a bug report #20655 but not sure you saw it. Video is really messed up with devices.


I’ve had a problem where adding lists and headers inside a card bric have not been appearing inside the layer tree navigator until I restart Blocs. This has made it difficult to work at times because I cannot easily pinpoint the elements on the page, even when clicking on them.

If the layer tree does this again, try switching pages.

If I add remotely hosted images to the asset manager they can be added inside project settings for social cards and you see the little cloud icon. After the site is uploaded there is a 404 error for missing images not found in the img folder. Logically it is in the user designated folder, but the exported code says they should be in the img folder.

Also Blocs is still throwing up 404 errors related to links in the CSS code for images that have long since been deleted from the asset manager and project. I see this quite often nowadays and these errors are being picked up by Scrutiny.

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I am still trying to work this out, but we may have a canonical issue with the home page when that option is enabled, which is being picked up in Scrutiny when creating a sitemap.

Scrutiny is able to exclude pages from the sitemap based on canonical and when I used to code this manually in the page settings everything sailed through without a shrug.

I am setting the site url in the project settings like and when Scrutiny does the scan it will include that url, but also shows that (without the trailing slash) was excluded due to canonical. The reason given is that the canonical url points to a different page.

Incidentally, that issue we had previously with “setthebaseurlinprojectsettings” led to one site checked just now with all 27 pages being excluded from the sitemap by Scrutiny.

This was because of urls like appearing. The reason given was the same “canonical url points to a different page”.

I shall spend a little time checking through recent sites and upload them again if necessary, since that should be fixed now. This was a site where I had set the canonical link manually in the page settings header, so that could be removed to let Blocs handle that now.

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I just rebuilt an old site that was previously done with Foundation and used the device of the iMac Pro to feature on the home page. A quick waterfall test at Pingdom reveals that graphic is a whopping 475kb, which is more than the hero image and I suspect it could be around 10 times smaller without loss of visual quality.

I could substitute that with a normal image, however it did occur to me that anybody adding various devices could end up with a very heavy page and I wondered if these could go on a weight loss program by taking a trip through Tiny PNG or similar to trim some fat?

They have already been optimised :nerd_face:

How many of you have seen IDs suddenly vanish in Blocs?

I am hit by this ALL THE TIME, but I cannot for the life of me figure out how it is happening. And if I cannot find the trigger for it, I cannot effectively report it as a bug and get it fixed. This has been happened to me since before Blocs 4. It is most annoying on modals. I work on my site, verify all is working, then upload, then test in the browser, only to find when I click on something the modal doesn’t appear. I then go back to Blocs and check that modal. Sure enough, the ID is wiped clean.

Honestly, if we cannot track down what causes this bug, I’d like to see a checkbox next to ID to LOCK it. Perhaps that would prevent the bug from wiping my IDs ever again.

Seriously, this hits me all the time. And sometimes I receive complaints because something on our site isn’t working right. In every case, it boils down to a missing ID which was there before but somehow got wiped (not by me though). I often duplicate pages so I can use that duplicate (modals and all) as a template for a new page, but when I deliberately test that, I cannot repeat the vanishing IDs problem.


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I just lost an ID about 10mins ago. Try to put it back and it says that it already exists.

I noticed the SideBar UI was messed up at the same time this happened.

Screen Shot 2021-02-25 at 2.21.32 PM

Eventually it cleared itself. But I had to change the ID.

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Yes. ID wipe/ reset happens all the time to me also.

Are there particular elements that loose their IDs?

I’ve had this as well and thought it was just me doing something dumb. Particularly with the ID already in use glitch I’ve been hunting around looking for it in nearby elements with nothing appearing, yet it’s apparently in use so I change the ID. It’s not constant though as JDW seems to have.

@Norm this time was a modal for me. But it’s been other elements too, example a Bloc. I can’t report anything I’m doing constantly at the time when this happens.

Sometimes you just have to change the ID and move on due to time.

I’m finding that Blocs are always losing their ID’s too. Figured it was newbie error but now I think not. I’ve been careful in projects to name all the blocs so that if I copy them to other pages I can change their ID’s in case of duplication errors. Turns out it makes no difference as Blocs is wiping them anyway… It hasn’t yet caused any major issues for me but I have become a bit of a manic saver just to be on the safe side. I hit save after pretty much every tiny thing I do now…

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Same here. Happens randomly to blocs. I only use IDs to give the blocs I add a name, to quickly distinguish them in the App and when viewing the code.

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Same here. I have seen this problem of vanishing IDs from Modals quite often recently. Can’t say what’s the pattern, but will keep an eye on this going forward.

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