Blocs 4.1 Accounts and Ecommerce Question

I have just downloaded v4.1. I was trying to find blocs or Brics for the ecommerce (I use Ecwid on my Blocs site). When I couldn’t find them, I looked on my website settings and I see them there asking for keys or IDs etc.

What does this do and how does it benefit me? As far as I can see you either build a shop in Blocs and use code from Ecwid for your “buy” button, or you build your shop in Ecwid and add the shop code into your site. I don’t see what the ID information will do???

Also, in the same section I see it allows you to input your social media handles, what does this do?


Just take a look at @Norm’s video here:

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Thanks. That’s helpful.

Wondering if I could be given access to watch this video? Says video is private, thank you!

You can check it out on our YouTube channel.