Blocs 4.1 Beta Build 2

Hey everyone, here is the second beta of Blocs 4.1. This release features updates to the Font Awesome icon font and Bootstrap Framework as well as a bunch of improvements and fixes.

The main Spotlight feature is the new ecommerce interactions, simply add your Stripe, Ecwid, Gumroad, Snipcart or Paddle credentials and product info and Blocs will handle the rest. These new interactions make creating an online store a breeze!

Have a great weekend and thanks so much for your continued support! :beers:

Download Blocs 4.1 Beta Build 2


Hey @Norm, the downloaded file says b1. I suppose it’s really b2, is that right?

Did you clear cache for page?

Cleaned the cache, still can’t see the build 2 on the page.

Edit: the file itself is beta 2. Just the page is not updated. Or maybe it shouldn’t?

Yup, I see the download says b2 now. Thanks for the update. :+1:

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The build number is not shown on the new page design.

I’ll fix that.

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Finally tested the ecommerce option: Ecwid works great! I didn’t get Stripe to work yet… Still hoping for a Mollie integration, but I don’t want to put the pressure on Norm :crazy_face:

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What problems did you have with Stripe? Make sure you populate the site address in project settings as Stripe needs it.

I did. I think it might be in my Stripe settings or the fact that my testing was done in a subdomain without a SSL…
Tomorrow I hopefully have some more time to explore.
By the way; the Ecwid respond is pretty slow…
I am still exploring all the options, as I am about to start to work on an ecommerce website for a client of mine. For now Ecwid is the most logical choice for me…

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All the talk about Blocs and e-commerce made me wonder about the viability of Blocs producing sites for Shopify after I was speaking with somebody earlier who told me he is building an online business around Shopify.


Expand Content is not working in Blocs 4.1 Beta 2. I opened the same project v4.0.4 and it works You may want to check this out @Norm

Sorry, what do you mean?

I will PM you with a screen shot.

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Blocs 4.1-b2 Crashed

Crash Log

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Hi @Amir1983.
Confirmed. I’m having the same on my M1 Mini. When you try to open a 2 bloc group structure, Blocs crashes. Please make sure you do a bug report here:


Thanks, I’m still whittling out some M1 crashing bugs!

I’ll get this sorted in next weeks B3 :+1:

2 questions:

  1. Does 4.0.4 crash in the same way?

  2. Does the global area need to be disabled in order to get the crash to occur?


Hi @Norm, Short but sweet:

A: Yes

A: No


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  1. Does 4.0.4 crash in the same way?

  2. Does the global area need to be disabled in order to get the crash to occur?


This issue with M1 has been found and fixed. Patch is coming in 4.1 beta build 3.


Hi Norm or other members, are there any free instructional/training videos or a comprehensive manual to Blocs 4 on the Blocs site?