Blocs 4.1 Beta Build 3

First of all thanks to everyone who voted for us in the Product Hunt Golden Kitty awards. Unfortunately we didn’t win but it was still fun seeing Blocs as a finalist.

Anyway, here is the third beta of Blocs 4.1. This build mostly features bug fixes and a few little extras like a new dark site mode found in the (canvas settings).

The main Spotlight feature is the new ecommerce interactions, simply add your Stripe, Ecwid, Gumroad, Snipcart or Paddle credentials and product info and Blocs will handle the rest. These new interactions make creating an online store a breeze!

Have a great weekend and thanks so much for helping to test! :beers:

Don’t forget to refresh your browser :eyes:
Download Blocs 4.1 Beta Build 3


We’ll Norm, I could see that you have been hard at work again. Thanks so much for the update.
Sorry to hear that blocs did not win. Not sure how any application could outperform blocs.


thanks Norm

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Hey Norm,
it’s fantastic to see the development of Blocs! I am very curious on the ecommerce interactions. I got Ecwid working perfectly… more to come…


Hello @Norm thank you for Dark mode.
One question please, about new features, what is:

  • Added logging for custom Bric updates.

Is this to fix that issue about always requesting to update even is updated?

Thank you…

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No, that’s for developers.

I don’t have the issue with broken updates, they go away when updated.

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I do!
Every time I start up blocs it asks to update certain things and they’re already up to date.

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When exporting a sitemap from Blocs it is including base information on social cards, even when they have not been enabled inside Blocs.

I’ll check that what data is included?

Which’s brics?

I originally made a mistake, however it seems to be including data whether the options for Twitter card and FB Open Graph are selected or not.

I made an earlier mistake by having those ticked on, even with no title or description details included, but even after disabling it still exported like this:

	<image:title>Twitter Social Card Image</image:title>
	<image:title>Facebook Social Card Image</image:title>
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Which in detail?

Hi @Norm and @InStacks, I can’t remember exactly which one, but something to do with Volt blog.
I can be more precise in the morning.

Already fixed. Volt recent posts.


This beta seems a little prone to crashes. I had one just now adding remote assets to a carousel bric and one earlier pressing cmd z to undo some code changes in the page setting footer. Crash reports sent in both times.

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Let me know if you discover anything you can replicate with steps.

I’m hoping to have build 4 out on Wednesday.


I am seeing those settings “ticked on” by default. As a result, for every single new page I add to my websites, I need to manually untick FaceBook, then switch the popup to Twitter and untick that. It’s a lot of trouble really. It would be best if Blocs would recognize the fact nothing is in those fields and then avoid exported related Twitter and FB data as a result.

I’m seeing occasional overlapping content in the right sidebar which I’ve never seen before any earlier versions of Blocs…

I’m seeing it happen most when I have Interactions set to “Toggle Modal.”

Has anyone else seen this?

You are right. I just checked with a brand new project and those social card options are preselected. That makes sense now because I hadn’t remembered enabling them in this case.

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Yes I have definitely seen this in the past during testing but not recently since release and not specifically with toggle modal. Could it be High Sierra specific at this point?