Blocs 4.1 beta build 4

Hey everyone, here is the fourth beta of Blocs 4.1. Again, this build mostly focuses on bug fixes as we approach the final release.

The main Spotlight feature is the new ecommerce interactions, simply add your Stripe, Ecwid, Gumroad, Snipcart or Paddle credentials and product info and Blocs will handle the rest. These new interactions make creating an online store a breeze!

Have a great Wednesday :grinning: and thanks so much for helping to test! :beers:

Don’t forget to refresh your browser :eyes:
Download Blocs 4.1 Beta Build 4


Well …
this weekend really starts early this week.


oops, I just fixed that.



My purchasing experience to date:
Day 1: Download Blocs 4.0.4, love it, buy it, then discover weird bug. Come to forums, download 4.1 b3 hoping bug fixed. Bug persists. Report bug to Developer.
Day 2: Developer identifies bug, posts new build fixing bug.

Is this real life? Amazing.


It does mostly represent what @Norm does for his community. Very responsive in fixing bugs and in releasing upgrades that users actually ask for and need. Often surpassing expectations!


As @Jerry and I reported in the 4.1b3 thread, I should mention the following problem of overlapping content in the right sidebar still occurs in b4 too:

Have you managed to track down a cause for this, does it happen after undos or is there a particular item that is more prone to showing the error?

That’s why I’ve not filed an official bug report on it yet. I cannot figure out how it happens. But it happened today and yesterday too after I was working in Blocs 4.1b4 for a bit over 30 minutes.

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This almost needs deselect all and select all options for used assets. This site is particularly heavy on image assets.

Are those assets all hosted? I notice there are no thumbnails

Yes all remote hosted and it’s rather awkward without the previews. That’s why I was reluctant to just delete everything.

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Thats fixed in build 5, hoping to have it out later today.


I’ve added this to the unused class window too! :sunglasses:

toggle selection


Great work Norm - this is why I love Blocs!

And BRILLIANT work on fixing out the bug in the Span text issue I had. With this fix and @Jerry helping with the font issue, and @Eldar helping - I managed to get some pages to my client and he was BLOWN away with the website so far.

This would not have been possible without @Norm and the help on this forum - amazing team…Thanks too for @Malachiman working on code on this site too which baffles me !!!

Keep it up Norm ! top work.


Sorry for what may seem a basic question but with the e-commerce integrations, is there some special way I can now embed an Ecwid store? Normally I’d just paste the embed code into a code widget bric. Has this changed now I can add my store ID to the site settings? When you say
‘Blocs will handle the rest’ In what way?

Many Thanks

Nothing changed if you want to embed your full store. Just do that how you did. The Blocs integration is just for buy buttons, this means you can create your own store fronts and then hook up the buttons.

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Ah! Great. I’ll carry on as usual then. Cheers.

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All managers (ex. Class Manager, Ext.Manager. etc…) could use this functionality. :+1: