Blocs 4.2.1 Beta Build 2

Hey everyone, I hope you had a great weekend. Here is Blocs 4.2.1 beta build 2. This build includes a few more fixes and a new language selector in the main application preferences so you can now easily set the Blocs application interface language independently to the OS.

Happy testing! :partying_face:

Download Blocs 4.2.1 Beta Build 2

Don’t forget to hard reload your browser, if the beta doesn’t show!


A few issues just reported with ticket #21046

No scroll to top icon on mobile, whether iPhone or Android on the live site.

White bar on side menu is back in Firefox, despite having nav-special class in project.

Still seeing issues with the visibility glitch in this beta. It’s fine when viewed in Blocs after making the suggested changes, but apparently still broken when tested in all browsers online, including a device that has not previously visited the site. Almost like the changes haven’t been exported and this is after I had that save issue mentioned with the previous beta.

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Hi Norm.
Carousel works fine now.
The only thing I had to tweek was remove the underline in all the text links (2min job)
ps…scroll to top seems OK on safari on imac & on iphone

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Hey @Norm Since 4.2 there is an issue with the navigation menu:
If i change the navigation menu to fullside for tablets or mobile:

This is the result:

And i can’t change the font for navigation.

Just my 2 cents. Could it be related to the Page Transition Bric? I just saw it got an update today according to the Blocs Store. Page Transition | Blocs Store

Has the latest beta been pulled? Can’t find it on the Blocs Beta page.

Hi @Ian,

There’s a substantial part code missing when exported. Data toggle and Data target are not there so the button (hamburger) will not work. Is the hamburger working in preview?

For me it’s there.

I would try to export the file without overwriting the old one (clean export) and do the same on the server.

For me it’s there.



I always do clean exports, so no issue there.

I just deleted my entire website from the server except my robots.txt and did a clean publish.

No change at all with any of the issues 🥲

No that is not the problem.

@Norm @Jerry

Apologies, I’ve deleted the post above as things have changed yet again. :sweat:

This is the current situation:

After a second clean publish, all issues on iOS have disappeared in all browsers.

On macOS, Safari works perfectly, but issues which at first appeared to be fixed by 4.2.1 have returned on Firefox and Chrome…

  • Scroll to target doesn’t work at all on Firefox, and takes a couple of clicks to activate on Chrome, and then scrolls horribly…

Screenshot 2021-05-13 at 15.31.07

  • Toggle visibility on MORE INFO works badly on Firefox (no sliding effect) and only works properly on Chrome after two or more clicks…

Screenshot 2021-05-13 at 15.31.28

Sort of getting there…

Just a thought, these are my export settings… it takes a better brain than mine to tell if this is the issue!

Uncheck combine all CSS and Combine all JS. These 2 can be troublesome.

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No Blocs 4.2.1 is now live, it was tested for a week and Blocs 4.2 for 8 weeks prior to that.

Some issues have only recently cropped up as many do not join in with testing. There will be a new beta tomorrow for 4.2.2 with a few more hot fixes.