Blocs 4.2 Beta Build 4

So you are basically saying that you can confirm the “all links get underlined” bug is in fact happening on your machine too? (I appreciate the workaround for the bug, but I wanted to confirm if people other than myself are seeing the same bug.)

It’s not a bug. It’s how BS5 handles links. It must have something to do with Accessibility.


I’m strongly disliking BS5 already, regardless of underlying reasons. But maybe a tiny change will make Blocs automatically undo that naughty BS5 behavior so that our websites can remain the same look as before without all the added effort? :slight_smile:

No need to upgrade. Bootstrap 4 will be around for the upcoming years. However, you will miss the boat on some fancy cool new features. The new .accordion-button is one of them. It’s probably going to be one of my favourites! :grin:


That’s why in my previous post I wrote this:

“But maybe a tiny change will make Blocs automatically undo that naughty BS5 behavior…”

It’s no different than if Photoshop prevented me from drawing a mustache on a portrait. It’s my creative right to draw it or not, just as it must be my creative right to avoid underlines beneath links, if I so choose. We ought not be forbidden to use BS5 only due to some silly decisions on the part of its creators. But it’s actually more than that…

As my earlier post said, Blocs Classes which describe links in my site show NO UNDERLINE (see previous screenshot I posted), and yet it is underlined! AND if I subsequently toggle underline ON then OFF, then all links associated with that class no longer have underlines.

What I have described is Blocs functionality, even if one argues that BS5 has something to do with it. It is therefore only natural that I seek a Blocs solution to ensure that our websites don’t break/misbehave. This is critically important because “just don’t upgrade to BS5” isn’t very realistic for the vast majority of people.

For now I will fire off bug reports to Norm. I wish to thank you for the “delete all pages but one” alternative method. But I still wish I could batch-delete pages. Apple once put out an ad that had the motto, “the power to crush the other kids.” I want the power to crush multiple pages! :slight_smile:

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That’s the default style applied to links in BS5.

Custom classes will not show it as it’s applied at the core level of bootstrap 5.


Blocs still relies on Bootstrap. Doesn’t help arguing around that. And no one told you your website will look the same with Bootstrap 5 as with Bootstrap 4. As @Jerry said, if you like the way your website looks like, keep it with Bootstrap 4, and use 5 only for new projects.

So you think that will help? You already got a workout.


Firstly I would state that this is not a bug. Although the migration of BS4 to BS5 is still in development, the visibility of underlines on links is keeping true to the look of your design.

Unless your custom class specifically sets a property to override the underlines the default of Bootstrap will always display. That’s always been the case with Bootstrap and every other framework and is the inherent nature of CSS - hence the C in CSS.

In effect you haven’t been toggling on and off underlining. You have been adding the style for the first time, therefore overriding the default styles of Bootstrap 5.

But don’t worry, your “creative rights” haven’t been removed. You can style the links however you like as you always have been able too. Bootstrap 5 comes with a lot of great changes, and change always requires a little bit of grace to adapt. It will be worth it though. Bootstrap 5 is good progress for the framework.


True words :+1::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


The link underlines were brought up and discussed already in the first 4.2 beta build 1 thread. In that thread @Norm provided an easy solution using the class manger and editor.

Users still have the freedom with that method pointed out in the previous thread to override that feature. If they so choose to omit those standards and the users whom require accessibility.

It should be noted though that - It’s important to adhere to accessibility standards as those whom require such features don’t have freedom to use the web without said features in many cases. The modern web and Bootstrap are simply adhering to these accessibility standards. With certain things esthetics need to be set aside for the accessibility concerns of others.

Accessibility on the web is no different than the evolution of accessibility standards and regulations developed over time in the physical world to better help those with impairment disabilities.

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I believe on leaving all my current websites in bootstrap 4 and moving to 5 on all new projects.

With this in mind - how long do you think Bootstrap 4 will be supported for?

Also I would love to someone who knows BS5 well now, to show a video of some of the changes BS5 has introduced in Blocs - that would be great. (if anyone has time of course !..and not an in depth video - just a few high lights of the popular new features)

At some point, Blocs will upgrade to Bootstrap 5 only. Based on history, the transition within Blocs from Bootstrap 3 to 4 went fairly quick. But none of us can look into the future for BS5. Having said all of this, I just upgraded a 60-page website to Bootstrap 5. Yes, there are still some glitches (that’s why it’s called Beta! :grin:) But overall it runs pretty smooth. I had to adjust some colours and Modal ID’s and that’s about it. But the cool thing is exploring all the new gadgets of BS5. And the amazing thing is you just add most of the new Bootstrap clas(ses) to the class manager and the magic happens!

There are countless videos on YouTube highlighting all-new features. The search field is at the top. Just type: Bootstrap 5 :upside_down_face:. The documentation on the Boostrap website is my personal favourite.


Hey everyone,
We just published a helpful knowledge base post that covers all the key factors regrading migrating to Bootstrap 5.

Beta Build 5 coming very soon! :sunglasses:


I am seeing a strange glitch where changing images in a carousel are causing a contact button and form in separate blocs below to flash each time an image changes, so it all looks rather broken. The carousel shouldn’t be interfering with other elements like this.

I had this prior this Beta - and disabled Lazy Load and it stopped it, but I agree this should not be happening.

Try disabling lazy load see if that fixes it.

Yes well spotted. Lazy load is the cause and really shouldn’t be affecting separate blocs with unrelated items.

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It sounds like lazy load loading each image as it’s required.

It effects content below, because the code is fluid and the space is recalculated when the image is loaded. Its correct behaviour, but unwanted in this respect.

At some point in the future I’ll most likely add a way to disable lazy load per item.

Once it has done a complete cycle of the carousel it no longer jumps, so presumably because of the cache, however the initial effect is not good.

Just a basic follow up from above.

The < a > anchor element has always shown an underline all the way back that I recall in all browsers inherently. It’s only from an aesthetics aspect that people started removing visual inherent features built within browsers. But over the years with the need and understanding to emphasize accessibility across the web people have set aside these aesthetic preferences to adhere to accessible standards and inherent features.

Outline (and focus) is another feature people remove for aesthetic reasons and should not, as it too has a very important role in accessibility. I remember Blocs having things like seen below in the CSS source which is likewise a no no concerning accessibility.

a,button{outline: none!important;} /* Prevent ugly blue glow on chrome and safari */

Accessibility is a big topic, but it would be nice if Blocs allowed users the ability to adhere to these standards if desired, although it should be default. ;–)


Good point. I’ll look to improve this.

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