Blocs 4.2 Beta Build 7

Hey everyone, here is beta build 7 of Blocs 4.2. This release patches more migration issues with Bootstrap 5 and also introduces a new feature to make deleting multiple pages a lot less time consuming.

Bootstrap 5 :rocket:
It’s here, but please remember the framework is actually still in beta. We have a feeling the official release may happen during the beta testing for Blocs 4.2, however, until then we do not recommend using Bootstrap 5 for live production sites.

Migration :dizzy:
You can migrate up to Bootstrap 5 but not backwards, so as this is a super early beta only migrate with backup projects and again don’t migrate and push to production, it’s way to soon for that. :no_entry:

To migrate, open a Bootstrap 4 project and head to project settings, you will see a new framework dropdown, change this and you are good to go!

Javascript Rewrite :writing_hand:
Almost all of the javascript Blocs generates for light boxes, special navigations, scrollFX etc has all been completely rewritten in vanilla JS so regardless of whether your project uses bootstrap 4 or 5, please test every feature of the site before you move it into production. It’s a big rewrite and there may be some issues in these early stages, that will break functionality once exported.

JS Updates :face_with_monocle:
Jquery and the lazyload javascript have both been updated to the latest versions.

Localisation :fr: :de: :es:
Bonjour, Hallo, Hola! Our none native English speaking users will be happy to hear Blocs now speaks French, German and Spanish. You may notice a bad translation, some text cropping or another little interface oddity. Please let me know if you spot something and it’ll be fixed up in no time!

CSS Selectors :nerd_face:
For those interested in the new CSS selector support, you can now add these manually to classes, below is a list of newly support selectors.

  • :first-letter
  • :first-line
  • :selection
  • :first-child
  • :last-child
  • :first-of-type
  • :last-of-type
  • :placeholder

Solis :sunny:
We have also spent some time working on the Blocs companion app Solis, basically patching up some longstanding issues bringing in support for Bootstrap 5. You can download Solis 1.0.7 beta build 1 here.

Summary :grinning:
Please don’t be put off using this version of Blocs, just remember there are a lot of big changes in this release, so only use it for none critical, none production work, at least for the first few betas anyway.

Have a great weekend! :beers:

Download Blocs 4.2 Beta Build 7

Don’t forget to hard reload your browser, if the beta doesn’t show!

Custom Brics now show a warning symbol in the Bric Bar if their framework doesn’t match that of the project. Many of our custom Brics have been updated so they flag the new framework setting in the Bric Builder, you can download the updates for those using the Extension Manager.

There is also this new knowledge base post that should help with any custom code migration issues you may encounter when trying out Bootstrap 5.


Could Blocs 4.2 be arriving soon, it appears there are less issues popping up in the forum. :slight_smile:

I’m not sure, it’s got at least another week of testing.


Just tried exporting a BS5 project with this beta and seen that Blocs is exporting an empty vid folder again. There is video on the site, however it is remotely hosted in a folder called _videos. This looks like an old bug that has returned.

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Hi @Norm, sticky-nav is still randomly not sticky in preview (Blocs and browser) only. When uploaded to server it behaves correctly. I’ll record next time but not sure on how give you directions to look into the matter. I’ll forward you the file.
EDIT: here you go.


It would be useful if lists had a style option for alphabet letters in the side panel e.g point a or b. I am entering details for some terms and conditions that make use of both numbers and letters.


@Norm Please accept my sincere and humble thanks for the muti-page delete function, and for addressing the Unused Assets issue! Both are very helpful changes! I got the beachball for a while during the deletion most pages in one of my big sites, but I don’t see that as a showstopper.

To ensure it makes the cut for 4.2, I would encourage my fellow beta testers to try out the new feature as well. It’s accessed from the Page Menu > Multi Delete.


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No problem :+1:

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I am still having issues with the text marquee bric not updating properly.

Same here.

Yepp, same here although I was guessing it might be because of High Sierra - So thanks for your comments :+1:

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Odd it’s working fine for me. Which version do you have installed?

I am parked at the covid vaccination centre at the moment but I believe it was version 1.0.

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Hi @Norm, I have installed 1.0.1 but the Bric jumps magically back to 1.0.0 when it has found an update.

Could you try updating it again, I just re-uploaded it.

Hi @Norm,
Got an error:

EDIT: I deleted the Bric and reinstalled the latest version from the Problem solved.

I deleted the bric
downloaded it from Blocs Store (V 1.0.1)
Installed it again
all fine now.

Using Blocs 4.2.0-B7
Big Sur 11.3 B7

Similar story here. I tried a few minutes ago and up popped this message:

Screenshot 2021-04-19 at 17.55.06

After pressing OK it actually said 1.0.1 in the extension manager but after restarting it was back to 1.0. After deleting the bric and reinstalling from the store it was OK.

It seems no one else here has yet tried Page Menu > Multi Delete as evidenced by the utter lack of replies on that topic. But as stated earlier, I am finding it to work fine, except for the lag after you engage that feature on a large site with many pages. It seems to take Blocs a long time to delete those pages, so either a progress bar or leaving the Multi-delete dialog box in view until all the pages are deleted might be better than to leave Blocs in a frozen state with beachball.

How long is long? Are we talking 10 seconds or 3 minutes?

At a guess none of us had multiple pages to delete, but regarding the performance and any delays I suspect there are two factors involved here.

First quite logically is choice of hardware and secondly will be the size of the project, remembering that Blocs isn’t just deleting pages here.

Any operation is only as fast as the weakest link and there is likely to be a myriad of other calculations going on in the background, as it redraws the internal sitemap and link connections etc, so there will potentially be a lot of writing to disk.