Blocs 4.2 Beta Build 8

Hey everyone, here is beta build 8 of Blocs 4.2. This release patches a range of issues including more migration issues with Bootstrap 5.

Bootstrap 5 :rocket:
It’s here, but please remember the framework is actually still in beta. We have a feeling the official release may happen during the beta testing for Blocs 4.2, however, until then we do not recommend using Bootstrap 5 for live production sites.

Migration :dizzy:
You can migrate up to Bootstrap 5 but not backwards, so as this is a super early beta only migrate with backup projects and again don’t migrate and push to production, it’s way to soon for that. :no_entry:

To migrate, open a Bootstrap 4 project and head to project settings, you will see a new framework dropdown, change this and you are good to go!

Javascript Rewrite :writing_hand:
Almost all of the javascript Blocs generates for light boxes, special navigations, scrollFX etc has all been completely rewritten in vanilla JS so regardless of whether your project uses bootstrap 4 or 5, please test every feature of the site before you move it into production. It’s a big rewrite and there may be some issues in these early stages, that will break functionality once exported.

JS Updates :face_with_monocle:
Jquery and the lazyload javascript have both been updated to the latest versions.

Localisation :fr: :de: :es:
Bonjour, Hallo, Hola! Our none native English speaking users will be happy to hear Blocs now speaks French, German and Spanish. You may notice a bad translation, some text cropping or another little interface oddity. Please let me know if you spot something and it’ll be fixed up in no time!

CSS Selectors :nerd_face:
For those interested in the new CSS selector support, you can now add these manually to classes, below is a list of newly support selectors.

  • :first-letter
  • :first-line
  • :selection
  • :first-child
  • :last-child
  • :first-of-type
  • :last-of-type
  • :placeholder

Solis :sunny:
We have also spent some time working on the Blocs companion app Solis, basically patching up some longstanding issues bringing in support for Bootstrap 5. You can download Solis 1.0.7 beta build 1 here.

Summary :grinning:
Please don’t be put off using this version of Blocs, just remember there are a lot of big changes in this release, so only use it for none critical, none production work, at least for the first few betas anyway.

Have a great weekend! :beers:

Download Blocs 4.2 Beta Build 8

Don’t forget to hard reload your browser, if the beta doesn’t show!

Custom Brics now show a warning symbol in the Bric Bar if their framework doesn’t match that of the project. Many of our custom Brics have been updated so they flag the new framework setting in the Bric Builder, you can download the updates for those using the Extension Manager.

There is also this new knowledge base post that should help with any custom code migration issues you may encounter when trying out Bootstrap 5.


I like the effort, but I am so used to the English UI over the years - Can I choose the language?
Didn´find it in the settings.
Cheers :crossed_fingers:

You set that at OS level, not in app.

If I understand you right, I have to switch my machine to English when I want Blocs UI as used before?

NO you don’t need to change the MACOS to have Blocs UI in english. You can use the free App Language Chooser:

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:+1: Nice hint, but doesn’t work since High Sierra

You do it on MacOS, a quick Google search. Read the portion regarding individual apps.

Thanks Norm,
On High Sierra unfortunately it needs a restart.
Would be great if the language could be chosen in Blocs too as most of the bricks and classes are in English.
But I understand that that there a limits to an old machine. I see that also with the last Safari Version for this OS. Other Browsers do well.

Just found on old site with a download option and this tool does the job on High Sierra:

A bit of an oddity but I just checked various projects on the old computer running Mojave and in every case the hero image was missing in edit mode, yet visible in preview. I basically had to open the custom class and add the background image again manually.

It was never a problem before on Big Sur but after opening in Mojave it was the same there. This is with projects that are stored in iCloud, however other images seem unaffected. In all cases the images are hosted remotely on the server.

Hello @Norm

I think the translation of this window is not perfect.

In the left-hand box, I would put “Remplacer seulement les fichiers modifiés”
In the right-hand box, I would put “Tout remplacer”

Kind regards

@Pat What version of Blocs are you using? This thread is for 4.2 and the latest version if 4.5b2.

@Flashman I am using 4.4.2
I didn’t know where to put my message so I took this one by default.
It’s just a problem of translation.