Blocs 4.2 New Features - Poll

Hey everyone,

I’m already starting the planning for the new features coming in Blocs 4.2, I think the feature voting system worked pretty well for 4.1, so let’s give it a try again with 4.2. Rather than put out a post asking what you want, I’ve narrowed the choices down and put them into a little poll. I’ll be adding a few so I’m looking for the most popular ones.

Vote for the feature you most want in Blocs 4.2

  • Bootstrap 5 Support.
  • Export option to combine JS & CSS into single files (improve page load speed).
  • Support more custom class pseudo selectors.
  • Control which tab or accordion section is initially selected.
  • Delete custom Blocs via the Bloc Bar.
  • Prevent layout elements being exported.
  • Ability to organise favourites in Bloc and Bric Bar.

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◯ Proper lazy loading for galleries and modals


Enable adding video as background into cards.


Given that Bootstrap is the backbone which Blocs is built upon isn’t it a foregone conclusion that the app will migrate to that impending release. The lack of adaptation and inclusion of Bootstrap 5 would only hurt Blocs and its users. Most apps which support Bootstrap are currently working on updating to version 5 support if they have not done so already. So why the need to consume a poll spot given that it’s inevitable and the cornerstone on which the app is built upon?

I do like and appreciate some of the others – combine files, pseudo selectors, prevent export. :wink:

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Because it’s not out yet, I want to know if the community see it as a priority or if its something they don’t need right away.

Work has already begun, but I just want to be sure it’s a top priority before it’s pushed to the top. After all it (BS5) will only be available for new projects, migration from 4 to 5 may come later.


Alright it just seems like that could of then been its own poll. Given that it’s inclusion is inevitable. :wink:

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Of course, but it could come on BS5 launch day (or close enough) or in September, which is most important to you?

Thats why I included it. I would genuinely like to see how important it is to users :nerd_face:


Ok good luck digesting that stat and formulating the hypothesis. Given that BS5 is the current buzz regarding everything Bootstrap I’m sure it will get plenty of votes regardless. :laughing:

Yeah, me too

Great way of gathering information this. BS5 support and JSS and CCS optimise/merge for me please.

BS5 not too critical for me currently, I could wait, but out of them options it would be second following by the JSS/CSS


Import HTML files to make it “blocsable” !


I know it’s probably way in the future but it would be nice if when we open the image asset manager that we would see larger images. Maybe even a slide scale to make them smaller or larger.


Preload Key Requests –

I voted for combining JS, but there’s a catch. this needs to be granular. I can easily see it being the thing that keeps me up at night. :wink:


I guess it would be nice to amplify forms and make something like background CRM. A lot of people are asking to make step-by-step forms, but in this case you have to choose Tilda or Webflow to develop their landings.



It’s really important for JS!!! :sob: :pray:t2: :pray:t2:

You can wrap divs into divs as long as they are within a column. I’ll consider adding support further up the chain, however, it has huge potential to break layouts.

Add the the ability to control any element’s (text, image, video, card, carousel… ) style `.object-*

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This should not be close :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :rofl:

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Why did you write that Whittfield?