Blocs 4.4.1 Beta Build 2

Hey everyone, here is the second beta of Blocs 4.4.1.

I’m still working on some other fixes for various reports, so if your fix is not noted in the release notes its still being worked on.

I’m also working on PHP support for the next version of MacOS that should come next week :nerd_face:

Happy testing folks and have a great weekend : :beers:

Download Blocs 4.4.1 Beta Build 2

Don’t forget to hard reload your browser, if the beta doesn’t show!


I’ve just added a group of 16 fonts, which set off the CPU with the same issue I uncovered before. Very strangely it wouldn’t let me save the project at all before quitting, then by chance Blocs auto saved and the CPU died down by itself after a short period without needing to quit like before. After that I was able to save normally.

I managed to get a status report a few seconds after the auto save, however there doesn’t seem to be a lot of information in there.

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Now as a follow up I was unable to select that new font in the custom class editor. I had to restart Blocs before it could be used.

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Can a bloc be excluded from export? On some of my projects, it does show that a selected bloc is excluded, but the bloc doesn’t seem to be excluded in the preview.

Thanks for your support! :slight_smile:

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I’m also seeing that as well. Exclude is not possible at the block level (v4.4.1-b2), even though the icon is present. I can, however, exclude down the hierarchy.

@MiguelR @pruthe It’s a known bug that I reported in the last beta.


Thanks. :+1:

I’ve had some issues with this beta and the last where custom brics mysteriously fail to work at some point, yet no amount of tinkering seems to help. When deleted and added again they suddenly work again.

When adding a .ico favicon there is still a type mismatch: “Type attribute in html is image/ico, content-type given in server response is image/x-icon”

Hey @Norm with Checkboxes can we have the for attribute assigned to the label please. It means users can click on the label to activate the check box. Which for some users can be difficult to get the box, and also is more intuitive for a lot of people.

I have just spotted an odd problem with links inside accordions. I have links to internal pages, external websites and email links inside various accordions. Those going external links should open in another browser tab.

Inside Blocs I can see clearly in the side panel that links are going to the correct destinations and I am pretty sure I tested this when the sites were originally developed.

Now I am seeing both inside Blocs and the exported site is simply linking to the current page and closing the active accordion card whenever a link inside an accordion is clicked.

Having checked a site that was done with an earlier build of Blocs that is fine, so I looked at another site I am working on today with this same beta and it has the very same glitch. All sites are using BS5. It’s also happening with the release version of 4.4.

I’ve had this a few times now with brics from @whittfield and @Malachiman, however I am pretty sure it is not the brics at fault. At some point they just randomly stop working and resetting them does not fix the issue.

Once removed and added again they immediately start to work as expected and this is a very recent change.

Custom brics in the global footer are still showing up in exported screenshot images. It also shows modals as being open.

Screenshot 2021-10-17 at 14.14.54

Also launching Solis from inside Blocs causes Solis to crash every time across various projects. Solis does not crash at start up if launched independently of Blocs. I have sent in a crash report with ticket #21585 Crash report.

If a navbar column is set to 10 rather than full width and then I select sticky it works as expected, however if I try to do the same thing within a hero bloc the menu shifts wider as the sticky transition begins.

Pretty sure that’s always done that. I usually just solve it with classes.

If the column is set at 10 I wouldn’t expect the navbar to break that on scroll just because it’s a hero bloc. I don’t normally use a sticky, so I haven’t seen this before.

There is a change in the container width. Columns sit within a container.

Weirdly I just opened the project now and it is hardly shifting. Last night it was really obvious.

Did you change the site width?

You can “solve” it a couple of ways. Using the class


Or add a custom class to the container the column is in and set a max-width.

I think its because the sticky makes those elements fixed, which takes it out of the normal flow of the DOM.