Blocs 4.4.2 Beta Build 1

Hey everyone, I hope you are all well. Some of you may have noticed that we have been a little quiet over the last few weeks. Nothing to worry about, we have just been busy moving to our new office, which has taken a lot longer than we had imagined.

The good news is the move is almost complete and we are up and running in our new office space which we love already!

Anyway, the regular betas will recommence with Blocs V4.4.2 beta build1. This release has an update to the Bootstrap 4 framework and a critical fix for communication with Solis, plus a few other improvements.

Happy testing and thanks for the support from those of you who help to test! :raised_hands:

Download Blocs 4.4.2 Beta Build 1

Don’t forget to hard reload your browser, if the beta doesn’t show!


@Norm it would be great to see some different image galleries in the system, I do like the masonry gallery when inserting images, they never go in the way you intend it to, then when you insert other images they can move around which I don’t like

what will be different in Blocs 4.4.2

Hey @Norm, are you allowing me to change the title to Beta Build 1? :grinning: :desert_island: :stuck_out_tongue:


Nice one @Norm - we moved units to downsize a few years ago, we decided to do it with vans and not trucks to move kit to our unit and kit we moved on…15 long wheel based vans later…we should have hired a truck!

Moves are great - I bet yours is super modern…and hope you have some retro nintendo stuff in there !!..or modern nintendo!..a 65" TV on the wall with a switch for those times you need to do some laps of mario kart to re-fresh the brain!

A bit like this guy !!

  • Good luck at the new office!


Title says Build 2? Link says Build 1 :sweat_smile:

This is awesome!

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Sorry typo, all fixed.

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You can check the release notes for changes.

Have you tried building your own gallery in Blocs? Custom classes and column controls offer a lot of flexibility too so you can create gallery layouts and then use the light box interaction on them.

Something of a longstanding bug. Export as image shows the names of custom brics stored in the global footer.

I am not sure how many people actually use this feature, so I wonder if there is a case for removing this in the current form. I think it would be genuinely useful if it reliably exported to show the layout at different breakpoints with the option to save as PDF.

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Ah, well moving offices explains why I didn’t see you in your swimming trunks on Whitley Bay beach when I was up there a week or so ago!


This is curious. When I select preview in browser it is still listing the old version of Solis. I have 1.0.8 installed and it opens as 1.8, however in the finder it still shows as 1.0.7b1. Should I just rename it as Solis? I simply downloaded the update when it was available.

Screenshot 2021-11-24 at 19.38.41

Looks like you updated a beta version. Yeah just rename it.

Hey, @Norm. I’m picking up an old issue here as it seems to be Blocs related after some research.

I added, “combine all CSS” to a Blocs file and removed it at a later stage as it causes more issues compared to benefits. Since then the error keeps being exported. When I re-activate “combine all” the (null) error disappears. (but throws in countless other errors).
Let me know if you still have the file or if you want me to resend.

I’m trying to solve an issue with a custom Bric. In order to get to the root of the problem I removed all Custom Brics from the file. When exporting the file all attachments are still there:

However, the attachments tab in Project Settings is empty:

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Page attachments?


It’s weird. Going off @Jerry images there. It’s showing old versions of attachments for Any Video from an early beta when they were named different.


it could be that the attachments are in the page settings and have been left there if the Bric has never been deleted and just updated. Blocs doesn’t have the functionality to remove previously used attachments with alternative names.

I had the beta and switched to the final release earlier. Every time I click on the bric it says edited without changing any settings and that wasn’t happening previously.

The page settings show these attachments and the export looks fine, so it’s just odd that simply clicking on the bric has Blocs saying the project has been edited. There are no project setting attachments for this bric.

Screenshot 2021-11-26 at 11.19.46

Developer code could cause this so it’s not impossible. It depends what a dev does in the initialised function that is called when a Bric is selected.

Where did you download the Solis beta from?