Blocs 4.4 Beta Build 2

Hey everyone, here is the second beta of Blocs 4.4. This release adds a range of fixes for the Missing Font Manager.

Dark Theming
Blocs 4.4 introduces a range of improvements to aid the workflow of creating a website that supports dark and light theme modes.

The class dark-theme is added to the body tag when a Blocs site is run on a device that is running a dark OS theme.

Within Blocs you can emulate this using the canvas dark site mode option to switch the dark-theme class on and off within Blocs, this is also applied to in-app preview, but not preview in browser (that is depended on your Macs own theme option).

In the Class Manager if you right click a class you can also now opt to create a dark theme version of a class. Any changes made to this will only effect the site when run in dark mode. Notice it’s just a duplicated class with the leading dark-theme class before it.

Thats basically how you target dark theme .dark-theme .yourclass

The video below is a quick example of setting a Bloc background dark for dark mode.

Dark Theme

Missing Font Manager
The Missing Font Manager will be shown if a missing font is detected when opening projects, adding custom Blocs and page templates. At this early stage of testing, it may be triggered without reason so keep an eye out for that.

Localisation :jp:
Kon’nichiwa! Our Japanese speaking users will be happy to hear Blocs now speaks Japanese. You may notice a bad translation, some text cropping or another little interface oddity. Please let me know if you spot something and it’ll be fixed up in no time!

New Wordpress short codes
Some new short codes for Wordpress.

  • %WP_singleCatTitle% = <?php echo single_cat_title();?>
  • %WP_singleCatIdVar% = get_cat_ID(single_term_title("", false))
  • %WP_postCatIdArray% = wp_get_post_categories( get_the_ID(), array( ‘fields’ => ‘ids’ ) )
  • %WP_getPostArchiveLink(PostArchiveNameGoesHere)% = <?php echo get_post_type_archive_link('PostArchiveNameGoesHere'); ?>
  • %WP_categoryURL(categoryGoesNameHere)%) = <?php echo get_category_link(get_cat_ID('categoryGoesNameHere')); ?>

Happy testing! :beers:

Download Blocs 4.4 Beta Build 2

Don’t forget to hard reload your browser, if the beta doesn’t show!

Im still working on a few other outstanding issues such as scroll speed and missing background images so please sit tight those will be addressed soon.

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That problem is still there with the missing font and also occurring whenever I add a new bloc. Having opened some other projects this is so far limited to just one project file. None of the others are throwing up anything similar.

Screenshot 2021-07-28 at 15.46.45

EDIT: I’ve opened a ticket #21329 with relevant files and additional information.


This is normal behaviour as the font is technically still missing, maybe once dismissed this should never show again :thinking:

I’m also missing fonts. Three of them. Two of them I clicked on and they started working. The last one which is Helvetica I guess won’t download.

HI Norm please help me I have a big problem I can’t use the blocs app at all
here is my post

Is this with the latest beta?

Given that we are looking at missing fonts it sure would be useful if there was some means of tracking down where particular fonts had been used in a project. I am looking at my fonts export folder and seeing Gotham Light, but I cannot find it anywhere, either in the project settings or custom classes.

Going through a hundred+ page site it sure would be helpful if there was a means to pin down that unwanted font with a means to remove it.


same here missing fonts

I thought I had made a Wish List post on that, but after much searching, I couldn’t find one from myself or anyone else. You should add a new Wish List on that. Would be a great feature to have!

“Exclude from Export” is an awesome feature and one I’ve wanted for a very long time! But I am curious about one thing. I can right-click a Row on the Canvas to see this…

But when I right-click that same row in the left sidebar, I only see this…


Is there a reason why “Exclude from Export” doesn’t appear in the left sidebar popup?

yes it is Norm

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Can you add “Japanese” to Localazy? I noticed that out of all the translated language names, Japanese is still in English:


It should be changed to 日本語.

Also, the following text is not found in Localazy, and therefore remains in English…


New Project” & “Default” & “None” are all translated on Localazy but they still appear in English in this dialog…

And this English text does not appear in Localazy…

The following “Canvas settings” tooltip is translated in Localazy but remains in English in Blocs…

“Search Pages” is not translated because it is not found in Localazy…


And in the Edit menu, the action name associated with Undo remains in English, like this:


“Delete Swatch” & “Cancel” are translated in Localazy but isn’t in the Blocs UI:

Basically, if you go through Blocs and see English words while in Japanese mode (except for proper names like Blocs, Bric, Bloc, etc.), it’s probably a matter of it either not being in Localazy or not being applied for some reason.


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I can add it there.

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All great finds thanks :raised_hands:

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Any chance you could please send a copy of the project file that flags Helvetica as missing?

You have that project already. Anyway, decided to let another font take it’s place. Thanks for getting back to me.

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