Blocs 4.4 Beta Build 4

Hey everyone, here is the fourth beta of Blocs 4.4. This release adds support for removing missing fonts from projects. Just right click the missing entry (in the Missing Font Manager) and you can now clear missing font errors and references from a projects classes.

Dark Theming
Blocs 4.4 introduces a range of improvements to aid the workflow of creating a website that supports dark and light theme modes.

The class dark-theme is added to the body tag when a Blocs site is run on a device that is running a dark OS theme.

Within Blocs you can emulate this using the canvas dark site mode option to switch the dark-theme class on and off within Blocs, this is also applied to in-app preview, but not preview in browser (that is depended on your Macs own theme option).

In the Class Manager if you right click a class you can also now opt to create a dark theme version of a class. Any changes made to this will only effect the site when run in dark mode. Notice it’s just a duplicated class with the leading dark-theme class before it.

Thats basically how you target dark theme .dark-theme .yourclass

The video below is a quick example of setting a Bloc background dark for dark mode.

Dark Theme

Missing Font Manager
The Missing Font Manager will be shown if a missing font is detected when opening projects, adding custom Blocs and page templates. At this early stage of testing, it may be triggered without reason so keep an eye out for that.

Localisation :jp:
Kon’nichiwa! Our Japanese speaking users will be happy to hear Blocs now speaks Japanese. You may notice a bad translation, some text cropping or another little interface oddity. Please let me know if you spot something and it’ll be fixed up in no time!

New Wordpress short codes
Some new short codes for Wordpress.

  • %WP_singleCatTitle% = <?php echo single_cat_title();?>
  • %WP_singleCatIdVar% = get_cat_ID(single_term_title("", false))
  • %WP_postCatIdArray% = wp_get_post_categories( get_the_ID(), array( ‘fields’ => ‘ids’ ) )
  • %WP_getPostArchiveLink(PostArchiveNameGoesHere)% = <?php echo get_post_type_archive_link('PostArchiveNameGoesHere'); ?>
  • %WP_categoryURL(categoryGoesNameHere)%) = <?php echo get_category_link(get_cat_ID('categoryGoesNameHere')); ?>

Happy testing and have a wonderful weekend! :beers:

Download Blocs 4.4 Beta Build 4

Don’t forget to hard reload your browser, if the beta doesn’t show!

Im still working on a few other outstanding issues such as missing background images so please sit tight those will be addressed soon.


Just to clarify, Norm, does this new feature allow manual deletion of all “references/links” to missing fonts that were once used in the project but are no longer found on the computer? If so, what font is used instead of the delinked missing font? Helvetica?

Norm, when Blocs is set to Japanese, there are 4 checkboxes with text truncated at right…


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The “:” at the far right of “Activeリンククラス:” is truncated…


The rightmost character in the Japanese translation of “Combine all JS” is very slightly truncated…



Another truncation…


Sentence slams against left side of field…


Bric Builder dialog truncations…



English word “Categorie” is misspelled and also missing from Localazy…

Japanese word truncated there too…


Class Manager “i” (Info) text cannot be translated because it is not found in Localazy…

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It removes the rules assigned in classes. What ever you have set in the project for all fonts will be used instead.

If you haven’t set a font for all, then Helvetica will be used.

But note, the font family rule is removed not replaced.

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Ah thanks for such detailed feedback. I’ll get it all corrected in the next beta.

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Although I’m not using this beta, there are a few places where it would be useful yo be able to widen an input window, most noticeably in assigned classes to an object. If you have more than one class name starting the same, then it’s difficult to know which one you’re selecting.
Just my thoughts…


@TrevReav I agree:

I found more truncations in the right sidebar today (Scroll FX):

There are only 2 solutions that I can see (making fonts smaller would be too small):

  1. Make the right sidebar wider, or…
  2. I can revert the Japanese back to English for those 4 truncated words.

The name “Class Editor” is not found in Localazy, and the Japanese for “Overflow:” and “White Space:” are truncated, necessitating a slightly wider dialog box.

A wider dialog would also fix the truncated Japanese translation for “Blend Mode:

There are two other truncated Japanese words in there that would benefit from a wider dialog.

Also in the right sidebar, I noticed that “Cookie Consent” isn’t found in Localazy, and despite the fact I translated “Follow Links”, that translation is not use here…


Don’t worry I move some UI around to get extra space in tight scenarios. Build 5 coming next week will include many improvements to the Japanese UI.


Okay thanks, but please remember that “Class Editor” & “Cookie Consent” are not found in Localazy, which is why I am not able to translate those.

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As far as I remember, cookie consent is a custom bric, so not included in the main release.

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Probably the same for “Follow Links” too.

Hey @JDW how many of these terms would just be in English? I’m curious, as it was mentioned in another thread about terminology. Considering HTML and CSS etc are all English.

This is just a passing curiosity really. The balance of language and specific terms within an industry.

I have not been translating any of the specific “property names” like background-color or background-position. You don’t translate things like HTML, CSS and the like either. Those are left in English because they are like code commands – you don’t translate that.

But when “describing” a property or code word, it is often helpful to transliterate it into Japanese Katakana. For example, the English word “flex” would be translated as フレックス. Transliteration doesn’t always help to define a term but it at the very least helps Japanese people to know how to pronounce a term they otherwise would not be able to if they only had the English.


Thanks :grin:.

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Not the end of the world but SVG logos still fail to show properly inside project settings. They are fine on the website.

Screenshot 2021-08-26 at 15.53.24

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Greetings to all, I just downloaded the beta because I am having problems with version 4.3.2 that does not read any fonts from google font, but apparently the beta does not either, it only reads some photos that are installed locally.

I have tried desistanding the fonts from google font and installing them again, but the result is still the same.

I have opened a previous project and it does not read the fonts, the name appears, but when looking for them again they are not.

Urge to solve this

Captura de Pantalla 2021-08-26 a la(s) 12.29.16 p.m.

Captura de Pantalla 2021-08-26 a la(s) 12.30.00 p.m.

Apart from not reading the font, there are classes that do not exist or that were deleted but they continue to appear

Check your Google fonts in the font manager. A recent font you have added is likely corrupted the list.

Google changed how multi font links looked which caused the Google font array in Blocs to break.

Look through the font manager for fonts that have odd names (not just the actual font family name) delete the odd ones to fix the issue.

Blocs 4.4 can handle the new look multi Google font links.