Blocs 4.4 is here!

I’m expecting to have the first beta of 4.4.1 out later this week with the new Paddle API stuff in plus some other bits held off for the next build.

I would note down what you are editing when this happens, and potentially any changes happening outside of Blocs, if you have files being synced with servers etc.

Also create the report the moment the error occurs, and send me that. It’s worth noting down that once you restart Blocs the reports are less useful.

I was just editing some paragraph text and when I went to save, up popped the window to save the project file with a new name. It’s not possible to move on with the project without saving a new project file or potentially going over the old one, which seems risky.

I had been saving the same way every few minutes over the last couple of days without issue, but every once in a while it throws up this odd behaviour.

I am not using DropBox and Backblaze last updated nearly an hour before. Brave was open with Youtube, though nothing was playing. I was essentially just working in Blocs. Sent you the report via PM before saving or restarting. The video shows what happens in practice.

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Thanks hopefully I can track it down from here.

This is so cool, thank you.
@Norm do you have a link showing the updates, added features and fixes from the last beta?

the release notes: Blocs Website Builder - Release Notes

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@Norm I made a post about typeface not displaying fonts and up to date, no response or fix to the issue.

I have updated 4.4 and the problem still remains. Fonts are not displaying!

Did you check your installed Google fonts for errors?

There are no errors. It just does not list and display google fonts. it only display two local fonts in the interface and also the same with custom class interface.

Remove any fonts you have recently installed with the Font Manager, local or Google.

Have you opened the Font Manager and checked each Google font for odd characters in the font name displayed?

Everything looks okay on font manager. I have removed the local fonts.Still does not display any other fonts.

How many Google fonts do you have installed?

I count 40 google fonts in the font manager.

Shut down Blocs.

If you head to

/Application Support/Blocs 4/data/

And rename the file fonts.dat to fonts-1.dat

Restart Blocs

This will flushed installed fonts

video recording of it.

I dont see blocs folder

you need to access the main one.

Select the Finder and head to the GO menu at the top of the screen and hold down the option key with that menu open, you will see the hidden library tab appear, click it and you can access it then.

got it… its working now. Thank you! What caused it not to work?

A broken Google font install. It might just be hard to spot.

And if I see how I started with Blocs 1.0… and now this amazing professional tool, NO words Norm!!!