Blocs 4.5.2 Beta Build 2

Here is Blocs V4.5.2 beta build 2. This release includes a number of under the hud refinements that improve custom Bric, Bloc and Page Template cross platform support (between Mac and iPad).

What are these changes for?
Blocs for iPad (beta 33) is being released later today. This version will include the Extension Manager, which will enable you to install and use 3rd party content on your iPad as well. However, Blocs and some 3rd party content requires a few changes in order to work correctly.

Custom Blocs and Page Templates
Currently custom Blocs and Page templates exported from Blocs for Mac will not work with Blocs on the iPad. This is due to an unsupported image type (NSImage) being stored in the template data. On iPad we need UIImage. Anyway, when you export custom Blocs and Page Templates with this version, Blocs will use a data string instead of a platform specific file type.

Custom Brics
The changes for custom Brics are very minor. Some custom Brics use the *resource-path string helper to show placeholder assets within a Brics default HTML. The Hype Bric we made is one example, in that Bric we display the little Hype logo inside the Bric within the Design Canvas.

Unfortunately the path to these resources changes when you move between Mac and iPad. On iPadOS , the application support directory changes on every load for security. So to prevent broken assets in custom Brics we will now store a placeholder key for such resource paths within the file so Blocs can easily manage these path changes between Mac and iPad.

The only thing to be mindful of with this version is if you use a custom Bric and it displays a little graphic for in app only. If you save the project in this version of Blocs and open it in an older version of Blocs, the custom Bric graphic will go walkies! :scream:

However, if you open it back in the beta it should return as normal :sweat_smile:

Long story short, it’s a beta so don’t do anything mission critical in this release.

Ok, I’m off to compile the iPad version of Blocs with Extension Manager support :tada:

Thanks to all who are able to help test this beta build and have a great weekend! :beers:

Download Blocs 4.5.2 Beta Build 2

Don’t forget to hard reload your browser, if the beta doesn’t show!


I need to engrave it on my forehead. I just completed a couple of commercial (and very important projects) working on macOS Ventura beta, iPadOS with Blocs for iPad beta, and Blocs for Mac 4.5.2 beta :sweat_smile:

It turned out ok at the end, but I have mastered the art of anger management while working on these. :sunglasses:


You’re a brave man.

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Beta Testing can often be very therapeutic

Yeah, I got that ‘zen’ feeling continual. Thanks, @Norm for that! :rofl:

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