Blocs 4 Migrating Tip

Hey, forum members, we are all excited about the release of Bloc 4. Please remember that best practice is to always back up your Blocs 3 Project before migrating a project.

I made a Blocs 4 Folder and then copied my Bloc 3 project into the Blocs 4 folder. Then open Blocs 4 and open projects from the Blocs 4 folder.

Better be safe than sorry. Been there!

P.S., I’ve not had many problems migrating projects.

Here’s the full knowledge base article on migrating.



I generally name projects with something like example-blocs4 until you are happy to do everything on the new version. That way you can easily identify what was worked on Blocs 3 and what is new.


And don’t forget, if you keep 2 installations of Blocs (v3 and v4) and you install new custom Brics, that you really define and check where there are installed.

Another good tip!


Yup, another good tip.


Existing brics will carry over with the migration, but yes that would be needed for future updates if you wish to continue running both versions. I cannot see much need to run Blocs 3 after installing Blocs 4, other than possibly managing old sites without migrating.

The move from Blocs 2 to Blocs 3 was quite tricky, whereas the transition to Blocs 4 is generally easy. The only point to check are font awesome icons.

I agree, once I migrate all of my sites I don’t see much of a need for 3 either. I still have a few older Bloc 2 sites that I’d really rather just rebuild. I have a few migrated from 2-3 so I’ll see how these migrate.


Wished I had read this post first. Oh no… Back to my same old problem of not being able to “view in browser” and now not even able to use “preview mode”. Oh, guess it will work its way out somehow. :roll_eyes: