Blocs 4 or 3

I really like blocs but I think there is one problem with it. Everything is locked down to one computer. If Im away and need to make changes there is no way to make an edit. The new version should allow to upload the software to a server so you can edit from anywhere and build on any computer such as a chromebook. This would allow for more users that do not own a mac. Anybody else use a a solution for this ?

The license allows you to use Blocs on two computers, so you could always store projects in Dropbox or perhaps the documents folder with iCloud backups if you want to make changes on another Mac and keep everything up to date.

Alternatively you would need to look at a CMS like Pulse, which could be updated from any computer system, but that would only work with existing page layouts you have created in Blocs. It would effectively be like Wordpress.

Ill have to look at that option, I had a macbook but didn’t like building on but my chromebook 15 is perfect for building on and its super fast!

You should be able to build pages on your Chromebook using a CMS design exported from Blocs. There are various options and most incur some costs, but October CMS is free.

Yea but hopefully it gets ported in some way to other platforms as I always come back to blocs lol

My MacBook Pro 15" is perfect for building on and its super fast!

I’d rather Norm builds out the Mac platform than attempt to support multiple platforms. I think it would be a complete folly given the resources he has available for development, to try and support other platforms.

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I totally agree! To try and please everyone (including PC users in this case) by making Blocs cross-compatible would simply mean less time to devote to just making Blocs better.

Back to the original post, I have an iMac and a MacBook Pro and I am able to work off of iCloud and access my Blocs project from either computer.

That means I can work remotely from anywhere on my MacBook Pro on any of my Blocs projects. And while I have had many PCs and Macs over the years, I am a huge supporter of Apple. It’s my opinion that no one builds better devices.

Again, I’ve used plenty of both for 35 years.

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i had the 13" and it was hard to use as everything was so small . Maybe a 15" would be better. How do you set it up on Icloud i don’t use that feature much

If you use iCloud you can create a directory on your iCloud account and save stuff there. It’s a bit like dropbox. My hard drive is backed up using iCloud (and timemachine).

I had a 13" macbook but couldn’t live with the smaller screen. The retina 15" screen lets me use the full resolution if need be (2880 x 1800), though I mostly use the default 1440x900 display.

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Louis Rossmann on youtube might have another opinion!

Apple gives you 5GB of free storage if not it’s only $1 a month for 50gb of storage. You simply save your blocs file along with any assets into the cloud drive folder that should be on the right-hand side of your finder window. I do it this way and it’s great between computers.

Now I just need to find an affordable 15" macbook pro lol

@pauland, No suprise there. I don’t know who he is but I do know there are many opinions on this world. I’m just offering mine based on my own personal experience. :grinning:

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@cableguy30, Working off iCloud is much like working off of your hard drive. It is simply a “virtual hard drive” It even had a desktop. So if you use it as I do, basically everything you do is on that virtual hard drive and is constantly synced with other devices using the same virtual “hard drive”. So, I can work on my iMac all morning, grab my Macbook Pro for an afternoon meeting (with a website client let’s say) and be able to open and demonstrate the Blocs project no problem. Just as if it was created on that device. I have a 13" retina screen and find the smaller size ideal for traveling/transporting/meetings, but admit a 15" would be nice in terms of additional real estate. I frequently buy from eBay and get great deals. Just do your research on the seller. Check his/her feedback rating and return policy before bidding/buying.

He operates a repair business, fixing Apple kit. He frequently points out bad Apple design internally and the issues it causes. Lately he has highlighted Apple’s attempt to close down 3rd part repairers and resellers. In 2019 it seems Apple and Amazon have come to an agreement about resales and only Apple approved resellers will be allowed to post refurbished kit on Amazon and that apparently requires a commitment to buy tens of thousands of dollars of Apple parts every quarter or something.

He’s not an uninformed guy, he frequently fixes kit repaired by Apple outlets and shows how badly the repair was performed.

In my experience Apple repairs are pretty hopeless and never last. Indeed other problems seem to emerge following an Apple repair.

You either get a good computer that will last you well for years or you get a piece of junk that goes wrong not long after purchase that will eventually be replaced, but only after a lot of stress and wasted time. Don’t think that their more expensive machines are necessarily more reliable either. I wouldn’t touch a refurbished Mac, since you are effectively buying something with proven unreliability.

My choice to buy Blocs was mainly because of the possibilities, but also because I like to build a website off-line. When something goes wrong (or the site has been hacked) it is a snap to replace it. All solutions how to use Blocs are welcome as long I can build a site still off-line!!
Another thing is that I do not trust “working in the cloud”. Sooner or later you will be hacked. In my case: why should I take the risk? I do not!